Lindsay Dunn

When he was a child Lindsay Dunn wanted to be a carpenter, but didn’t have the chance. He became a fitter and turner and started woodturning for the lifestyle and so he could work for himself. There are no regulations saying what he has to do or not do. I have freedom and an income.

He says he was born with the urge to continually create. He sometimes wishes he could pull back from the divine urge to turn, but still loves to do the unusual pieces that usually do not sell. He was influenced by Ellsworth and loves to do hollow turning. He hibernates and rarely meets other turners so his ideas are out of his head. He tends to do a lot of formal precision, European style of “stuff” now.
The Australian work is different he used to do more with natural faults and features in it. Now it’s coming back. Lindsay feels we are getting a National identity and he further feels that people are starting to recognize that now. He is surrounded by wood. It’s a renewable resource and it grows and grows. One tree he planted beside his workshop grew for seven years and then he cut it down making ninety bowls out of it! Most of his wood comes from farms.

Lindsay feels that woodturners are probably the best value-adders of wood in the country. Most of the resource they get for the price of the petrol to go and get it. He has pulled pieces of wood out of the firewood pile and made great work from them. Lindsay finds what he does is hard work. After being all day on the chainsaw, he’s absolutely knackered. His hands aren’t what they used to be. They don’t move well in the morning. But he would still be very happy turning wood twenty years from now.

Lattice Trivet

17cm diameter. 1cm h

Threaded Oval Box

10cm diameter x 3h cm
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