Makers and Artists

The Gallery represents over 200 Makers and Visual Artists. Most makers also accept commissions. Contact us with enquiries on commissions or work from a particular maker.

The following makers and artists regularly contribute work to the Gallery for exhibition and sale.

Adrian Potter

Adrian Potter is one of Australia’s leading wood artists and studio furniture maker / designer destined for international recognition. Bungendore Wood Works was honoured to host his exhibition Water (2008) that had been travelling regional areas of Australia with the support of Arts South Australia.

Adrian is an articulate passionate man who speaks about his work and the issues that motivated him to create with clarity and eloquence. Potter trained originally as a mechanical engineer working for many...

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Alan Baptist

Allan Baptist has been painting and drawing since the age of three. Born in Sydney in 1950 he began studying art seriously as part of his teaching degree at the Riverina College of Advanced Education and the Wagga Wagga Technical College. In 1995 he left the reasonably secure life of a primary school principal to pursue a rest-of-life involvement in and self-study of art. Early influences included Roberts Picasso Whitely Williams and Lloyd Rees and his first foray into the life of a full-time artist came with a three month painting excursion to a small village in the south of France....

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Alan Walker

Alan Walker is an award winning wood worker who lives and works in the Canberra region. He primarily makes and designs small furniture pieces and boxes. Occasionally he undertakes larger furniture projects and whimsical items that explore form and convention.

The philosophy behind his approach to fine woodwork comes from the creative problem solving challenges that were inherent in his previous career as an engineer and economist. Alan see's design and its translation into fine woodwork as continually evolving and complementary features of his work....

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Alan Williams

Alan was born at Ballina New South Wales in 1942. The son of a farmer who was also a timber getter and sawrniller Alan has had a close association with wood most of his life. His apprenticeships in sawmilling joinery and cabinet making built his technical skill while a two-year Visual Arts course at the Northern Rivers C.A.E. refined his design and artistic abilities. His breadth of experience is impressive having been at different times a house builder furniture maker boat builder musical instrument and toy maker.

Prior to 1987 Alan was largely undertaking commissions for...

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Alex McDowell

Alex McDowell has always had an interest in woodworking for as long as he can remember. In 2006 he took it to the next level and completed the Sturt School for Wood course. From 2007 until recently he has been working fulll time designing and making furniture as commissions and for various galleries including Bungendore Wood Works.

Alex scaled down the business to a part time operation in the Lismore area and will still be making pieces for galleries and excepting a small number of commissions hoping that this will enable him to complete some more challenging and interesting pieces...

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Anton Gerner

Anton Gerner's design philosophy is contemporary with inspiration drawn from the American Shaker furniture and the Biedermeier and Art Deco periods. Clean lines and strong shapes are emphasized and fine details featured. Contrasting timbers and inlay details are a strong design feature.

Although often using highly figured veneers Anton prefers to work in solid timber both Australian and imported. Uncompromising high quality construction and attention to detail is achieved using traditional hand tool techniques of construction and finish. Most of Anton's work is a mixture of private...

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Ben Percy

Ben Percy is an exciting and passionate emerging designer maker. Soon after gradating with honours as a Design and Technology teacher he challenged himself to work outside his comfort zone of wood and focused on stainless fabrication. With a passion for learning and a desire to design and make quality contemporary furniture, Ben then studied at the prestigious Sturt School for Wood in Mittagong where he was awarded the Australian Decorative and Fine Arts Societies Young Arts Scholarship. His designs are unique and creative, allowing him to construct bespoke pieces that are hand-crafted to...

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Benjamin Reddan

Benjamin Reddan is a passionate and thoughtful young designer maker. He believes that well made furniture can have a soul with all aspects of making, whether it’s a corner block, hinge or piece of inlay, treated with the same respect and care. 

In 2014 Benjamin completed his studies and apprenticeship in Cabinet Furniture Making at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, his final assessment piece was the Ikebana Cabinet “Awakening of a Dream”. For which he received two awards from the Australian Furniture Association.

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Brad Latham

Brad was lucky enough to get into woodworking at a young age. At school art and woodwork were the only subjects he approached with any enthusiasm. At 16 he had his first lathe and not long after left school to do an apprenticeship as an engineering patternmaker for a company that made mining equipment. It was an exacting trade that warranted thinking inside out upside down and back to front in order to make the patterns that would be then molded in sand removed from the mold into which molten metal would be poured to get the metal castings. During this time he went to the night classes at...

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Bungendore Wood Works Design

David Mac Laren is the Artistic Director and owner of Bungendore Wood Works Gallery. The Gallery offers a range of designs from small giftware to major furniture pieces under the banner of BWWG Design.

David Mac Laren left mechanical engineering at Yale University and arrived at the Australian National University in 1963 to do an arts degree in Philosophy and English Literature. He returned to the United States to try his hand at playwriting, and joined the anti war political campaigns of the late 60’s. With limited success in writing and the demoralisation of the political scene,...

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Chan Dissanayake

Chan Dissanayake was born in Sri Lanka and immigrated to Australia with his family in 1985. He uses the inherent qualities of the watercolour medium to create atmospheric effects indebted to the intense Australian light. Chan’s imagery, a product of his background blended with the Australian landscape and coast, displays a beauty tinged with nostalgia that imparts a sense of serenity.

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Chris Reid

Eight years ago WA-based craftsman Chris Reid was asked by a gallery to create a timber pepper mill and he came up with a design quite different from most simple cylindrical grinders. Chris says that the statuesque design of the base came quickly but the top took time until he was satisfied with it. His beautiful pepper mills are a continuation of Chris’s earlier work as a sculptor.

Born in New Zealand Chris has been living and working in Western Australia for nearly three decades. He first began working with timber to create large sculptural pieces on a self-taught basis and he has...

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Long Wall Mirror

Christopher Neal

Christopher Neal is a Designer/Maker creating original and custom fine furniture and timber home wares.

Christopher studied Fine Furniture Making and Design at Sturt School for Wood in 2015 where he was awarded the Studio Woodworkers Australia ‘Emerging Professional Award’ in recognition of high levels of excellence in designing, making and creativity in woodworking. Awarded by Phoebe Everill on behalf of Studio Woodworkers, the award was judged by David Upfill-Brown and Neil Erasmus. The year at Sturt marked the beginning of a new adventure, a complete career change and a fantastic...

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Darren Oates

Darren has been working with timber for over ten years. His furniture is unique usually having some laminated form incorporated into the design a process which he engages in from the drawing board to final finishing thus allowing for individual works. Darren’s work reflects traditional woodworking methods of dovetail and mortice and tenon joinery that gives his work strength and integrity. His extensive use of Australian native timbers allows him to explore the unique qualities found in Eucalyptus and other native species.

The creation of smaller scale pieces in the form of...

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Darryl Freestone

Darryl Freestone is a Tasmanian maker who has lived all over Australia. He was born in Melbourne but grew up in Brisbane and while working in the printing trade he moved constantly around Australia with his wife and 5 children keeping pace with the changes in print technology.  As a hobby Darryl taught himself how to wood turn using a GMC lathe that cost only $100.

In 2005 Darryl moved to Tasmania seeking a more relaxed lifestyle where he could work with the best timber species in Australia. Within the first month of arriving in Hobart, he enrolled in a wood turning program....

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Dave Jones

Dave was born and raised on the North Coast of New South Wales, Australia.

After studying for a degree in Mining Engineering, he worked in the mining industry and travelled extensively for 10 years before commencing to make wooden giftware in 1982. In 1990, he began designing and making contemporary furniture.

The majority of his work is commissioned, with much of it inspired by the new pieces that have been designed and made for exhibitions.

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Reuleaux Tables / Stools

David Emery

David Emery's professional interest is in making furniture of a clean uncluttered nature with an emphasis on balance and proportion. His skills are mainly in the use of timber with an emphasis on veneering as this allows greater flexibility in design avoiding the limitations of solid timber construction. All veneers are pressed in his own workshop after components have been cut to size and had timber lippings applied to their edges. He believes his veneering process gives a better edge detail than can be achieved using pre-veneered board and gives greater versatility in the ways the veneer...

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David Herring

David Herring’s passion for design and in particular furniture design stems from memories of furniture made by his grandfather who took inspiration from the Californian Bungalow styles illustrated in imported American magazines of the 1920s and 30s from his love of the Australian bush the environment and native timbers and a background in photography which developed his sense of composition and love of graphic lined imaging and hard edge styles.

After completing studies in Industrial Design and Visual Arts at Sydney College of the Arts he travelled and worked in the boating industry...

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David Lim

David Lim is a part time wood worker specialising in pens and small boxes. He graduated from the University of New South Wales with a Bachelor of Science (Architecture) majoring in design and architectural history. The designs he produces are heavily influenced by Frank Lloyd Wright and Japanese and Chinese traditional architecture. His pieces are focused on highly figured timbers characterised by simple joints and clean lines.

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David Mac Laren

David MacLaren began woodworking in 1973 at a Manhattan gallery called ‘Impressions in Wood’.

He moved to a larger space to design and make domestic furniture, kitchens and architectural fit-outs to client briefs while designing and making small items for craft fairs.

He first left the US to study literature at the ANU in 1963 and in1979 with a desire to create “a place for woodworkers to display their works, where diversity is encouraged and fine craftsmanship essential,” MacLaren approached eight makers to produce a piece from his American...

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David Upfill-Brown

David set out in the 1970’s as a sculptor, carving stone and wood in Central and Southern Africa. Disenchanted with the then growing trend towards conceptual art he began to focus on furniture and in 1980/81 studied furniture making and design at Parnham, John Makepeace’s school, in England under the remarkable tutelage of Robert Ingham. From 1982-1999 with his wife Hermione he ran a bespoke furniture workshop in Tharwa near Canberra, Australia.

Teaching there and part time with George Ingham for eight years at the Australian National University culminated in his appointment as...

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David Voigt

David Voigt was born in Sydney in 1944 and studied at the National Art School from 1964 to 1968. Between 1969 and 1972 he lived and exhibited in France and Holland with extensive travels throughout Europe returning to live and work in Australia in late 1972. Among his many awards are the Blake Prize in 1976 and the Blake and Wynne Prizes in 1981. He is represented in the National Gallery of Australia and State Galleries of WA, Queensland and Tasmania as well as numerous Regional Galleries, and Internationally in the Utrecht Collection of Contemporary Art – Holland.

Looking into,...

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Dean Malcolm

Dean Malcolm was born in Perth Western Australia in 1965. After completing a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Industrial Design in 1985 he moved to Denmark WA to establish a woodturning studio. Dean has been a major contributor to the growth and development of the fine woodcraft industry in Western Australia. Since entering into professional practice in 1986 Dean has been a committee member of the Fine Wood Working Association of WA founding President of the Woodturners of Denmark a member of the committee formed to develop the Certificate III of Woodcraft through TAFE Chairman of the committee...

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Dellington Bare

Dellington Henry Bare is a craftsman from Marovo Lagoon in the Solomon Islands. He was taught to carve by his uncles and now carries on the tradition of carving that was carried out by generations of his ancestors in Marovo Lagoon in both wood and stone.

Dellington was raised by his grandparents and grew up with a strong connection to his kastom and culture, as well as respect for its craftsmanship. This knowledge and cultural pride are exhibited in his works, which draw on traditional designs and ancestral kastoms. These elements exist alongside modern interpretations...

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Des McKenna

Des McKenna and his wife Carmel live in the hills of Upper Beaconsfield in Victoria, Australia where they have raised a family of eleven many of whom are practising artists. A food technologist by profession Des spent most of his "working life" in the food industry in managerial positions with one of the world's largest multinational food groups. Opting for early retirement in 1986 he decided to take up woodworking as a hobby as in his early years he had made some of the furniture for the family home. It did not take long before his life-long love of nature and art and his developing...

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Don Burrows

Don Burrows is equally at home in the photographic darkroom as he is on the stage. To be blessed with a talent at a level few artists attain is one thing, to carry that talent to a second artistic medium is reserved for a few gifted individuals.

Don Burrows has been treading the boards as a professional musician for 65 years. In 1973 the twice-named Australian Living Treasure received the first Gold Record ever awarded to an Australian jazz musician, instigated the first Jazz studies program in the Southern Hemisphere at the NSW Conservatorium of Music and was awarded an MBE.


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Drew Badcock

Drew Badcock is a cabinet-maker and also a farmer growing poppies and grain crops on the red soils of Tasmania’s north coast at Exton.

Interested in woodwork from an early age making model planes and boats he gained experience with timber after leaving school by building a shearing shed and over a dozen other farm buildings and through restoring furniture for local clients. He is self taught mainly from books and observation and is developing his own style in contemporary furniture – strong construction for a long life is a priority for him. He originally started making boxes to use...

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Eugene Zacharewicz

Born in France, Eugene arrived in Australia when he was 4 years old with his family. His father was an artist who came to Australia to work on the Snowy River Scheme. His family is originally from Listonia where his grandfather was private cabinetmaker to the Czar of Russia.

While he was an apprentice with two German masters in Fyshwick, Eugene was taught all the skills of German craftsmanship. He worked as an antique restorer and furniture maker for 37 years. During this time he collected some unusual timbers, some of which are no longer available as the timber is protected. He...

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Frank Wiesner

Frank Wiesner started working in wood in the later part of the 1940s when his Grandfather obtained an apprenticeship with old Master Schirrmacher in the war-torn town of Berlin, Germany. It was there that Frank, during his early life as a cabinetmaker, formed a strong bond with his craft and the material he worked with.

It was learning the demanding discipline of the German Master, that makes Frank strive for excellence in the work he does. Long hours spent each day in his workshop makes it clear that Frank has grown to love, and is firmly embedded, in his craft. Many a weekend is...

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Geoff Hague

Working from his studio in Sydney Geoff Hague has made his furniture for clients from many countries around the world particularly in the USA. Designing and making furniture that uses the finest of Australian timbers currently available he has produced both his "Signature Pieces" and "One-off" commissions since 1986. Many of these unique timbers have been sourced from environmentally conscious suppliers to be used with the greatest respect.

Coming from a family of craftsmen that goes back to the early decades of the 19th century when his forebear Charles Hague worked on Brunel's SS...

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Geoff Hannah

Geoff Hannah is a master wood craftsman and cabinet-maker. He is a Churchill Fellow who studied in London and Paris and has taught traditional box-making and wood-carving to hundreds of students from all walks of life at Toowoomba's internationally renowned annual school for the arts.

His last major work the Australiana Cabinet was recently sold to a wealthy Belgian buyer for his private art collection for nearly $500 000.00. Geoff who lives at Lismore in northern NSW is nearing completion of his master work a new cabinet of epic proportions that he has been working on for the past...

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George Chirnside

George’s aim is to produce beautiful enduring furniture with timeless design that can be admired and utilised by future generations. When designing a piece of furniture a high priority is that the piece be functional in addition to being elegant and pleasing to the eye. George began his love affair with wood-working in his teens. He converted part of the shearing quarters on his family property into a workshop where he would create gifts for family and friends.In addition to the furniture GCF also produces a superb range of small wooden gift items.

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