Silver Ash

Flindersia spp

The Silver Ashes are rainforest hardwoods growing from the Mid North Coast to Far North Queensland. The tree grows up to 35m in height and 1m in diameter. The timber colour varies from almost white to pale yellow to greyish silver and has little or no figuring in the grain. It is a stable timber, reasonably durable, easily worked and steam bends well. It has a natural lustre, finishes well and is a popular timber for furniture making as well as for sporting goods and boat building.

Coat Rack

Designed by David Maclaren and turned by Jim Homann. Hand Finished at the Gallery with Kunos natural oil sealer.

Typical timbers include Silver Ash, Jarrah, Ebony and Coolibah Burl.

180h x 34 diam cm


The last derivative in this seating series, STRUT, was to be really simple, with the ebony central cylinder, and the little feet coming out.

Viewed side-on STRUT and JESTER become closer to each other, but both are further away from LEDA.

400w x 650d x 1400h mm


In 2008 I was invited to take part in an International Forum and Exhibition of Woodworking Culture in Sweden based on public seating. The JoINT Project provided an arena for the woodworking traditions of four continents and each artist was asked to pre-make one easily transportable piece. Mine was the LEDA Chair.

500w x 600d x 1850h mm


With JESTER I’m having a go at the sportsman, it was really ballsy, and the balls look like cricket balls. When you bowl a cricket ball you see the curve is up there like they are at the top of the chair. Maybe we should change the name to ‘Ballsy’.

This chair fulfilled what I really wanted to do in that sense. It would have been simple just to put the spheres directly in the middle at 90 degrees. I thought, “wouldn’t it be interesting to insert them at different points so you’re always looking at them.”

400w x 600d x 1650h mm
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