Huon Pine

lagarostrobus franklinii

Having dominated the forests of southern Australia 38,000 years ago, Huon Pine now grows only in west and south west Tasmania. It takes 800 years for a tree to reach 20-30 metres. Durable, light, fine textured and oily its timber is easy to work and has a beautiful yellow colour. Widely used in ship-building, furniture making, joinery and turning, nowadays only limited quantities of this very slow growing tree are logged.

Large Huon Pine and medium Blackwood chopping boards
Large Huon Pine and medium Blackwood chopping boards

Chopping Board

Chopping board available in various Tasmanian timbers.

Medium: 41w x 21d x 2h cm
Large: 50w x 23.5d x 2h cm

Trinket Boxes

Typical Timbers: Blackheart Sassafras. Figured Myrtle, Figured Blackwood, Huon Pine

Lacquer Finish

Standard 13w x 10d x 4 hcm
Long 18w x 8d x 4h cm
Deep 14d x 10d x 5.5h cm


10w x 10d x 4h cm


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