Diospyrus ebenum

Ebony has long been treasured as a precious and rare timber. The unusual blackness of its heartwood, its amazing durability, hardness and ability to take a high polish set it apart. A tropical species, Ebony grows in India, West Africa and the East Indies, with the best timbers coming from Sri Lanka. The tree has a wide trunk with jet black bark and a white sapwood. Today Ebony is used for piano keys, cabinet work, inlay and turnery.

Coat Rack

Designed by David Maclaren and turned by Jim Homann. Hand Finished at the Gallery with Kunos natural oil sealer.

Typical timbers include Silver Ash, Jarrah, Ebony and Coolibah Burl.

180h x 34 diam cm


The last derivative in this seating series, STRUT, was to be really simple, with the ebony central cylinder, and the little feet coming out.

Viewed side-on STRUT and JESTER become closer to each other, but both are further away from LEDA.

400w x 650d x 1400h mm
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