Acacia melanoxylon

Blackwood is distributed naturally from north-east Queensland to Tasmania but is most common in Victoria and Tasmania. The strong dark wood is well figured and has an exceptional lustre. It varies in colour from golden honey to a rich chocolate brown, with white sapwood. It is used for furniture making, decorative wood work, turning and as panelling. Valued as a shade and ornamental tree it is also known as Black Wattle, Hickory and Sally Wattle.

Trinket Boxes

Typical Timbers: Blackheart Sassafras. Figured Myrtle, Figured Blackwood, Huon Pine

Lacquer Finish

Standard 13w x 10d x 4 hcm
Long 18w x 8d x 4h cm
Deep 14d x 10d x 5.5h cm


10w x 10d x 4h cm


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