Acacia melanoxylon

Blackwood is distributed naturally from north-east Queensland to Tasmania but is most common in Victoria and Tasmania. The strong dark wood is well figured and has an exceptional lustre. It varies in colour from golden honey to a rich chocolate brown, with white sapwood. It is used for furniture making, decorative wood work, turning and as panelling. Valued as a shade and ornamental tree it is also known as Black Wattle, Hickory and Sally Wattle.

Table with Boots

If tables have legs, then why not complete them with boots? The “Table with Boots” Wall Table by Gallery Artistic Director David Mac Laren provides a welcome break from the austerity of contemporary design with a sense of true whimsy and play.

A table has a shelf with a slim opening to house an amplifier or similar components.

Blackwood legs and tabletop and shelf, Red Coolibah boots. Lacquer finish.

Photography: Rob Little


Long Wall Mirror

Long Wall Mirror available in Tasmanian Oak, Jarrah, and New Guinea Rosewood. Looks great as alone, in a pair or a group of three.  [Blackwood frames are also available for $210 each.]

Large Huon Pine and medium Blackwood chopping boards
Large Huon Pine and medium Blackwood chopping boards

Chopping Board

Chopping board available in various Tasmanian timbers.

Medium: 41w x 21d x 2h cm
Large: 50w x 23.5d x 2h cm


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