Blackheart Sassafras

Atherosperma moschatum

This distinctive tree grows in high rainfall areas predominantly throughout Tasmania with some growth in Victoria and South Eastern NSW, It is much sought after as furniture timber. The heartwood is a creamy to light grey colour and often has a black stain. This “blackheart” is in demand for turnery and other specialist work and is caused by a bacterial infection. The bark of the Sassafras tree is aromatic and was used for brewing sassafras beer and for making tea.

Trinket Boxes

Typical Timbers: Blackheart Sassafras. Figured Myrtle, Figured Blackwood, Huon Pine

Lacquer Finish

Standard 13w x 10d x 4 hcm
Long 18w x 8d x 4h cm
Deep 14d x 10d x 5.5h cm
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