Alan Williams

Alan was born at Ballina New South Wales in 1942. The son of a farmer who was also a timber getter and sawrniller Alan has had a close association with wood most of his life. His apprenticeships in sawmilling joinery and cabinet making built his technical skill while a two-year Visual Arts course at the Northern Rivers C.A.E. refined his design and artistic abilities. His breadth of experience is impressive having been at different times a house builder furniture maker boat builder musical instrument and toy maker.

Prior to 1987 Alan was largely undertaking commissions for architectural fittings furniture and treen. Since 1987 Alan has been fully occupied making his bandsaw compartment boxes and a limited number of special pieces of furniture. He is now creating articles and images for the pure enjoyment of making. Using a wonderfully strong tactile and visual medium he is able to blend aesthetic functional and technical considerations to create objects which with each encounter reveal more and more of his design intent.

Alan has exhibited his work continuously since 1987. His boxes have been selected as presentation pieces for the Governors of Queensland and N.S.W. and as gifts bv the Prime Ministers' Department. They feature in private collections throughout the world and in Australia. "I enjoy the challenges of design and creating fine work for people to cherish".

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