Phil Clarke

Phil Clarke is a country boy with a love for the bush and the wood that comes from it. He spent his formative years in the central west of New Sooth Wales before moving to the Riverina region as a young adult. His work as a teacher and school principal saw him located in various towns across the Riverena and he is now settled in Griffith.

Growing up in Mudgee, Phil commenced his love affair with wood constructing model aeroplanes and miniature yachts to race against his brothers on the local dam. Disappointed but undaunted by missing out on a place in the woodworking class at school he taught himself from books, journals, talking to experts and the all-important experimentation and problem solving. Now retired, Phil has set up a handy workshop in his garage at home.

Phil has completed many works over the years, trying to combine practical use, high standards of workmanship and simple beauty into his projects. He works mostly, but not exclusively, in Australian native hardwood highlighting their natural colours, textures and patterns by complementary and contrasting combinations into practical works of art.

Phil is also a dedicated and talented cook. A passion for the best ingredients, skilled technique and beautiful food has inspired his cutting and display boards.

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