Sue Cochrane

Sue enjoyed the environs of East Gippsland as a child before settling in South Gippsland with her husband to raise their three sons. A fascination for the natural habitat of the beach as a child and now the bush eventually projected Sue out among the majestic gums surrounding her home. Whether young or twisted with age these gums had character and practically waved for recognition. This observation enlivened an already active "brush" and encouraged by a friend who declared "You should try experimenting with pastels." Sue did with pleasing results. She was soon winning awards as a pastelist at Gippsland shows.

Her artistry was sought by community groups leading to her energetic involvement in many and a consequent neglect of her home-operated business of cake decorating. When the opportunity arose she studied first year Life Drawing and Illustration at Yallourn TAFE College as a mature age student. Sue's initial liking for bush/landscape subjects expanded to include seascape estuary and wildlife portraits (particularly pelicans) when the faimily moved to the Far South Coast of NSW. With-the spectacular natural beauty of the area close at hand Sue continues to be captivated and inspired by the fascinating colours and textures presented by Nature.

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