Sandra House

Sandra was born in 1942 in South Gippsland Victoria and lived in Melbourne before moving to the ACT with her husband and four children in 1983. She studied under Colin Johnson Lawrence Smith and a number of other art teachers and has won numerous art awards in Victoria the Act and NSW and her paintings which are hanging in private collections throughout Australia and overseas including Japan the USA Holland and Great Britain.

A traditional realist artist she has been painting seriously and predominantly in oils for approximately twenty-three years. She is perhaps best known for her delicate miniature landscapes and forest scenes. Sandra is represented in the book 50 Australian Artists Volume 1.

Areas favoured by Sandra for painting are eastern Victoria and the south coast of NSW. Sandra House is a member of the Australian Guild of Realist Artists the Sherbrooke Art Society the Queanbeyan Art Society and the Artists Society of Canberra.

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