Kali Products

At Kali Products premium Tasmanian craftwoods are transformed into appealing yet functional products. Many of the designs are routed from a solid piece of quality timber and all are carefully hand finished. All timber used is sourced from reputable licensed specialist timber merchants and many of the coops under their care have been sustainedly harvested for generations.

A love of the wild West Coast of Tasmania led Toby Holmes to purchase Kali Products in early 2001 and transfer the skills he had acquired through twenty years of precision automotive and industrial engineering to the more dynamic medium of wood. His experience in working to extremely fine tolerences ensures a high level of accuracy and attention to detail is maintained regardless of the size of any order.

Toby enjoys being able to work with his dog at his side his peacock within sight and in partnership with his wife Tracey. In the presence of magnificient Mt Owen they craft quality items which they hope will stand the test of time.

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