eucalyptus marginata

A magnificent tall tree that can reach heights up to 30-40m, Jarrah only grows in the south-west corner of Western Australia. It is one of the world’s best hardwoods. The timber is straight grained and dark red to reddish brown in colour and is popular in furniture making. The forests are being threatened by bauxite mining and water borne fungal disease that attacks the roots.

Breakfast Table

After a client commissioned a breakfast table on castors based on the design of our display tables we decided to make two smaller versions.

One table is made in ebonized Jarrah, with facets planed back to reveal the red of the Jarrah. The other table is made from European Beach. Both tables have options for a shelf that can be placed just under the top to allow for stools, or lower down for utility storage.

1200w x 460d x 900h mm
Shelf height 200mm or 810mm

Breakfast Table

Charming breakfast table.

There is no bottom shelf so there is room to store stools underneath the table. And casters for easy maneuverability so that the table can be rolled away when needed for other purposes.

210w x 46d cm


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