Maynard Waters

Skippers Canyon 58x45cm
Skippers Canyon 58x45cm
  • Skippers Canyon 58x45cm
  • Waterview Street Balmain 41x51cm
  • Echuca 122x212cm
  • The Visitors 104x83cm
  • Aunty Agnes Excellent Flite 100x120cm
  • Commerical Hotel Braidwood Facing North 75x120cm
  • Lower Fort Street 91x61cm
  • Observatory Hill 60x89cm
  • Artesian Boring Party 66x96cm
  • Caroar 46x81cm
  • The Travellers 89x59cm
  • Outskirts of Bathurst 37x75cm
  • Yabbies for Lunch 32x61cm
  • Whale Tunnel Fremantle 32x62cm
  • Glebe Dog Lady 70x60cm
  • Balmain Facing City 37x49cm
  • Edge of the Plains 41x41cm
  • Dancingon Devils Rock
  • Mullock Miners Ravenswood
  • Above Ground Dam 24x51cm
  • Whistle Stop 30x55cm

Maynard Waters

Maynard Waters is an exceptional artist capturing the essence of an Australia that he chooses to view with an intentional selective blindness. In doing so he presents a nostalgic and romantic viewpoint of the country and city through the workingman’s eyes.

His characters are dressed in the dark blue singlet of the chesty-bond-man whose chest has slipped more than a few inches. His women wear simple one-piece dresses often adorned with the ubiquitous apron. The kids wear shorts and T-shirts and are almost always barefooted. And then there’s the omnipresent dog, man’s best friend.

There are the pubs, the semi-detached homes, the bull noses and skillions of rusted corrugated iron with highly visible joints revealing patchwork-like rooftops – a sign of the times of standard length sheets, not cut to size like today.

What Maynard achieves with ease is what all artists strive for – originality. His genuine, if at times incomplete, views of the city and country are devoid of mass modernity – there are no office blocks or apartment buildings – but there are modern items such as road work signs in brilliant basic colours (rarely mixed) and modern cars, and communication towers and so on.

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