Jill Noble

Boulder Bird 102x122cm
Boulder Bird 102x122cm
  • Boulder Bird 102x122cm
  • Creek Bed 87x92cm
  • Pony Paddock 100x122cm
  • Three Acres (Triptych)
  • Three Chain Road 100x240cm
  • The Green Patch acrylic on linen 137x153cm

Jill Noble

Jill Noble lives and works in the Macedon Ranges of Victoria. Her current work is centred on ideas that have been both gathered, and imagined, from the landscape. She chooses to explain landscape in a simplified language. Some images use the horizon line from which a gridded pattern sets the scene to hang flat forms and symbols in both real and imagined space. This inventive approach often results in a kind of flattening effect of the spatial plane.

The same forms and shapes reappear and visit other works that are further edited, devoid of horizon line, and simply float on a flat field of colour. All shifts and changes that reveal themselves through different treatments in individual works have been ultimately decided by principles of composition, design, colour and rhythm. The landscape reduced to this simplified language of symbols and forms provides a narrative by which she invents her compositions and expresses the inspiration she always find in landscape.

Jill’s work sits comfortably in the National Gallery of Australia, the National Gallery of Victoria and numerous Regional Gallery’s across NSW and Victoria.

Timber and veneers are natural products, and a range of colour variations within each species is to be expected.

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