Gyuto Chef Knife

Gyuto Chef Knife

"Gyu" means cow and "to" means sword. A gyuto knife has a medium width blade for slicing, cutting, and chopping .

Ringed Gidgee
VG-10 High Carbon Core, 66 layers of 410 Stainless Steel
Mosaic rivet (Brass & Nickel Silver).

VG-10 is a unique formulation of steel with a high carbon content, and containing various amounts of one or more of the following: Chromium, Vanadium, Molybdenum and Cobalt. The steel is specially designed for high-quality blades used in kitchen cutlery, such as chef's knives, vegetable knives, cleavers, paring knives, carving knives and the like. VG-10 is often called "super steel," because it is designed to maintain sharpness and durability without becoming brittle, a major fault normally associated with exceptionally hard steel. This quality is ideal when extreme sharpness is desired, as most other steel will not take or keep an edge like VG-10. When this type of steel is used in a knife, it is normally encased in layers of steel providing greater corrosion-resistance, leaving only the "super steel" exposed at the edge for fine cutting.

The high carbon steel knives will form a patina which is a protective coating on the blade. Without a patina a knife is susceptible to rust if left wet and/or dirty.

Always keep the knife in the calico sleeve to protect the cutting edge and the handle.

All knives should be washed and dried thoroughly after use and not left sitting in water. Hand wash only using mild washing products only. All knives are unsuitable for cutting bones or frozen foods.

26cm Long

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