One of the most successful and popular items in the Gallery over the years has been the marble tower, played with by children and adults alike. And after years of not being available they are undergoing a revival.

I wanted to replicate them, particularly in the context of playfully mocking urban architectural pretensions, and how super skyscrapers end, up there, on top. I’m having a bit of a play with that. The Empire State and Chrysler buildings, they captured the obvious, the ‘point’. They are glorious buildings and that’s the virtue of being first on the block.

Art Deco had a good sense of where it wanted to go, more consensus back then I think. Today, I’m not quite so sure, maybe more like conforming. Modern cities are looking somewhat the same. These urban totems reflect where my current thoughts are in regard to cities.

Excerpt from conversations between David Mac Laren and Stan d’Argeavel.

400w x 400d x 1200h mm

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