30th Year Celebrations Launch

30 Years in the making 1983 – 2013

One of the Worlds Great Craft & Fine Art Galleries

Join our celebration

3pm Saturday 23 March, 2013

Bungendore Wood Works Gallery’s 30th Year Celebrations Launch.
We will also open our concurrent exhibitions Masters of Craft and Introducing…

RSVP 15 March, 2013 at gallery@bwoodworks.com.au / 02 6238 1682 

The Gallery opened in September 1983 with its first ever exhibition called Perspectives in American Black Walnut. This Exhibition not only harkened back to my love of working with American walnut, but more importantly the exhibition format itself referred back to my experience in the early 1970’s as an aspiring playwright associated with the New York Theatre Ensemble, one of a number of “off-off” cooperative theatres, where writers, directors and actors came together for no pay to mount productions.

For me exhibitions are a form of theatre and have become a defining character of Bungendore Wood Works Gallery. Exhibitions present our story to the world by promoting our designer makers and artists and the works they create.

On Saturday March 23rd we will celebrate the launch of our 30th year by opening two concurrent exhibitions. Masters of Craft presents the sublime accomplishments wood artistry of Geoff Hannah, Tony Kenway and Scott Mitchell, makers at the very top of their game and each with a long history with us. The second exhibition Introducing… presents the work of three new artists to the Gallery, Paul Garling, Graeme Krake and Jill Noble.

The positive comments from our many visitors from around Australia, and the world, give us pause to take pride in the Gallery’s progress and achievements since its inception. I continue to marvel at what we, and makers, and artists and staff, and clients, and you! have nurtured over the years.

Please join us on the day so we can say thank you for playing a supportive and encouraging role in the Gallery’s successful 30 year run “On Bungendore.”

The success of this launch of our thirty year run needs our large cast of players to be on stage “in character” for our curtain call.

David Mac Laren
Artistic Director

Monday 25 February 2013