Keith Rowe - Dry Land

1 Combara 36hx23w10d cm
1 Combara 36hx23w10d cm
  • 1 Combara 36hx23w10d cm
  • 2 North Star 41hx24wx14d cm
  • 3 Collie 28hx26w10d cm
  • 4 Nabea 14hx21.5d cm
  • 5 Garah 13hx18.5d cm
  • 6 Cryon 17hx17w13d cm
  • 7 Bombira 23hx17d cm
  • 8 Merah North 13.5hx18.5d cm
  • 9 Pine Grove 14hx22d cm
  • 10 Wingadee 21hx27d cm
  • 11 Billeroy 20hx25d cm
  • 12 Gilgooma 13.5hx24.5d cm
  • 13 Millie 16hx19d cm
  • 14 Ashley 37hx22d cm
  • 15 Bellata 19hx28d cm
  • 16 Mudgee 40hx19w14d cm
  • 17 Crooble 24hx21wx10d cm
  • 18 Rowena 24hx18w11d cm
  • 19 Spring Plains 29hx15wx9d cm
  • 22 Curban 24hx17wx9d cm
  • 23 Cooks Gap 22hx12wx6d cm

A New Exhibition from glass maker extraordinaire Keith Rowe. Opening Sunday 30th January, 2011 at 11am

Keith Rowe is a primarily a glass blower but also enjoys working with sand and kiln casting. Keith has worked with glass for over 20 years and enjoys creating balanced forms with exciting decorative elements. Keith's work is held in many public and private galleries in both Australia and internationally and he has won a number of international competitions and awards.

Over the years Keith has developed his own individual styles, often working on a body of works to produce a series. Working this way he can explore many ideas and discover new directions. One style often leads to another. As Keith explains

"There is so much to be done in glass that working on one series often leads me on a whole new path and to a new series of works."

Dry Land

"Spontaneity Excitement Passion are all aspects of the world that surround me. Sights Sounds Smells enveloping and developing as I travel the western parts of NSW and Queensland. What appears subtle and uninteresting upon closer inspection shows a rich tapestry of sensual experience. The works presented in Dry Land show an account of this rich vista, at times edible. A veritable feast for the senses. Colour and Texture from the first experience has been the back-bone and driving force behind my growth. A response to the outback cements my belief that an emotional basis is required when creating pieces. The joy and pleasure in creating works that reflect my response to this vast landscape is all encompassing.

My respect of the many landscape artists is growing the more I travel into the unknown. At some point a confidence expands in an experimental manner, leaving little doubt that the directions are true. As a maker there is constant questioning with gentle refinements. Within my development there have been many changes. Creating is a passion that has no finality. The niche that I have built in this world satisfies my every need. At no time do I find a lack of desire. Life is full, so many goals to be attended to and many more to search out. Going to the studio is never a chore and with a joyfulness in the knowledge that at the end of the day I will have learnt something new. For over 30 years now this has been the case. From my perspective there is no reason for it to change."

Tuesday 02 November 2010