Jewellery For Blokes

The Australian Quality Tool Group of makers will present exquisite hand made tools for use or just for looking at and displaying. Jewellery for Blokes in other words. That special tool for the man or woman who works in wood. The ideal Christmas present for that man in your life that spends his time in his jewellery box - the shed.

COLEN CLENTON has been hand crafting woodworking marking out tools for over 18 years. These Australian made tools are world renowned for their accuracy, ease of use and beauty. Colen presents a range of Adjustable Squares, Dovetail Markers, Scratch Awls, Marking and Cutting Gauges.

MICHEAL CONNOR working from his home in the Corndale Valley near Byron Bay makes high quality furniture and the tools including his Standard Workbench that become "the heart of the workshop" from Silver Ash and Garo Garo which are heavy and light coloured for ease of working.

ROGER GIFKINS produces the only Australian made jig for cutting dovetail and finger joints especially designed for use on a table mounted router. The standard package contains all you need for cutting perfect dovetail joints. The jig is made from aluminium for extra strength and rigidity and Roger also produces a range of Dovetailed Box Plans.

TERRY GORDON makes a range of extremely high quality Smoothing, Jack, Trying, Block, Shoulder and rebate planes and Spoke Shaves from Gidgee timber. Other timbers such as Kingwood, Budgeroo Burl, Snakewood, Ebony, and Lignum Vitae and many others are made to order. These HNT Gordon Classic Planes are simple to set up, use and maintain.

TRENT POWRIE'S Harold and Saxon Chisels are produced in Queensland with an extensive range of Cabinet Chisels, Bench Chisels and Wooden Mallets and a limited edition of Titan inspired Firmer/Mortise Chisels Boxed Set from cyrogenically treated D2 Tool Steel. Chisel handles are made from Ironwood or Ash in the standard range and Blackwood, Gidgee and Jarrah in the premiun range. Custom timbers are available.

Friday 01 October 2010