Judi Power Thomson

Ross River Crossing
Ross River Crossing
  • Ross River Crossing
  • Storm Approaching
  • Dwarfed
  • Green Centre
  • Merry Beach

October - 15 November, 2010

Recent directions in painting from Canberra's prolific prize winning artist. A collection of land, sea and street scapes using bold colours, line and movement on pre-prepared surfaces.

Opening and performance Saturday 2nd October at 11am by ANU School of Music Master Cellist David Pereira, DSCM (NSW Con), MMus (Indiana)

JUDI POWER THOMSON began formal training at the National Art School in Sydney and continued in Canberra for many years where she studied more contemporary methods of artistic expression. In 2007 she travelled to the USA for further advanced studies. Since 2003 Judi has had 2 solo and 10 shared exhibitions as well as being a finalist in 17 selected prestigious group exhibitions. She has won numerous awards and prizes including “Best of Show” and “Champion Exhibit” and has been invited to judge several local art prizes.

After formal art training in Sydney, Judi Power Thomson moved to Canberra where she elected to study more contemporary forms of painting and expression, concentrating mainly on the human form.

She has worked figuratively in traditional portraits and landscapes in oils, impressionistic work in watercolour as well as pastels and contemporary work in acrylics, also producing limited edition screen prints, etchings, collage, mixed media, pen and wash, charcoal and pencil drawings. For Hot Colours she has turned to landscape.

Judi paints with energy and colour, imbuing her works with a life of their own through line and movement as well as highlighting the texture of a pre-prepared surface. In this exhibition she uses Native American hand-made rag paper for a collection of land, sea and streetscapes.

Many of the works are inspired by a recent painting trip to Central Australia, with scenarios of the desert, green and lush after recent record-breaking rains, juxtaposed with its geological features.

For Judi, artistic opportunities come from many sources. Living in the country on the fringes of the Nation’s Capital, she enjoys creating interpretations of the local landscape. Her houses in the landscape in bold hot colours come from the near-by rural/urban environs of Goulburn and Gungahlin while seascapes are to be found right outside her Merry Beach studio on the NSW South Coast, providing an opportunity to study and interpret the ever changing vistas and moods of the South Pacific Ocean where it meets the rugged, yet beautiful continental coastline.

Judi Power Thomson is a slave to colour, hot colours, and they abound in this exciting exhibition as they have throughout her professional life, first as designer, now as artist.

All painting acrylic on hand made rag paper, dimensions 30 x 30cm

Friday 18 June 2010