"It's Even Better"

We recieved a friendly note via email recently directing us to a page about Bungendore on http://www.bonzle.com that included some very kind words on the Gallery.

Bungendore has the most fabulous wood gallery. I’m talking on a world scale here. The works have to be seen to be believed. One item was a wooden case with a glass front containing around 500 hand-carved miniature boots – each one made of a different wood to all the others! That just took up a small part of this amazing place.

Since 1992 it has earned no fewer than 17 tourism awards, two of them national and has had the works of over 200 artists on display. The rest of the village is nice and historical but, about half a kilometre out of town the suburbs are exploding with new development.

I have since returned and the Wood working gallery isn't the same - IT'S EVEN BETTER and is even more popular with a greater variety of artists and the tourists know it.

Source: http://www.bonzle.com/c/a?a=p&p=5&cmd=sp

Monday 15 July 2013