30 Red Ironbark pens

Tuesday 21 October 2014

A government department recently ordered 30 beautiful Red Ironbark David Lim pens for corporate gifts for 30 very lucky people.

They look great all in a row.

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Let us take a moment to remember the fallen

Friday 17 October 2014

For over a decade two distinctive sculptures carved with chainsaws by Remo Vallance have stood on the Gallery lawn. 

Sadly, one has fallen. 

Hopefully, after a visit to the workshop, it will shortly return.

Remo Vallance approached the Gallery in 1995 a year after the new building opened. He was a student in the Sculpture Department at the ANU School of Art back then, and he had been making chainsaw sculptures for various people in O'Connor. We secured Council planning approval. Remo sourced the logs and the Gallery arranged to put them in the ground.  He spent about two to three weeks chainsawing on a ladder, taking time out to consider the shaping as he went along. 

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Home with Wood Review

Saturday 11 October 2014

This exhibition displays the work of seventeen accredited members of Studio Woodworkers Australia (SWA) which was founded in 2011 and comprises both accredited members and general members. As a national organisation, its role is to promote and support professional designer-makers working in wood.

Accredited members are all well-known for their exemplary design ideas and skills in producing high-end, one-off pieces and for undertaking commissions.

The premise for this exhibition was to offer the members an opportunity to expand their audiences and create original production pieces which would appeal to home-owners looking for well-considered, affordable designs and who appreciate the values of quality of handcrafted items – in this instance, furniture.

These principles form the basis of an invitation to visitors to cast their votes in the People’s Choice Award. They are invited to vote for one item that they think best demonstrates the purpose of the exhibition, that is:

  • an innovative idea
  • ideal for the home
  • a good design suitable for production
  • well made
  • affordable for home owners
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Giant Pear

Thursday 09 October 2014

This Giant Coolibah Burl Pear was commissioned when Inca from Queensland visited the Gallery and saw, and fell in love with, our range of wooden turned fruit. She asked if we could make a wooden pear specially for her, only it had to be 30cm high!  

Wood turner Jim Homan and Gallery Director David Mac Laren collaborated to create the finished product. We are amazed by it's perfection and beauty. 

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New work by Ross Purdon

Wednesday 08 October 2014

Jewellery Chest $540

Beautifully crafted boxes by Ross Purdon

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Farewell to Sunny, for now

Wednesday 08 October 2014

Farewell drinks for Sunny with the Gallery and Cafe Woodworks staff. He’s off to India to get married – but don’t worry he’ll be back in November. All the best to the lucky couple!

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Home with Wood

Sunday 31 August 2014

13 September – 20 November 2014

Home with Wood features work by more than 20 acclaimed wood designers, makers and artists, all accredited members of Studio Woodworkers Australia, such as David Upfill-Brown, Tony Kenway, Neil Erasmus, David Emery and Will Matthysen

Home with Wood is a woodworking exhibition with a difference. In specifically featuring the work of accredited members of the national professional organisation, Studio Woodworkers Australia, it includes many of Australia’s finest designer-makers in wood. Already well-known for their design ideas and skills in producing significant one-off works and in carrying out special commissions, for this exhibition the participants have been invited to focus on affordable production pieces which will appeal to discerning home-owners who love wood and appreciate the values of handmade items. This will be an exciting exhibition that considers how people live and what they need, by providing innovative works that will enhance our contemporary domestic environments.

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Table with Boots

Sunday 24 August 2014

If tables have legs, then why not complete them with boots? The “Table with Boots” Wall Table by Gallery Artistic Director David Mac Laren provides a welcome break from the austerity of contemporary design with a sense of true whimsy and play.

The Table with Boots was a client request. She was an avid collector of shoes (and handbags) and had seen my table with stiletto shoes two years previously, and “it played on my mind.”, she said.

This table was to have boots (she preferred boots) and was to house the amplifier for the home screen. We met at the Wood Works Café where we discussed various options I had sketched.

From the choice the client decided on I made two tables, one with a veneer top and one with solid timber.  

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Craft ACT: Expression of Interest

Wednesday 30 July 2014

Craft ACT: Craft and Design Centre is calling for expressions of interest to participate in an exciting new exhibition they are presenting in partnership with the Museum of Australian Democracy (MoAD) at Old Parliament House to which celebrates the beautiful design elements of Old Parliament House.

The brief for this project is broad: to design and produce works in response to the historic furniture in the existing exhibition Suites, Seats and Suits: Fine Furniture of Provisional Parliament House. The artwork will sit alongside existing furniture pieces and may explore the piece itself, the maker, the materials, or the tools. The emphasis will be on design.

The exhibition will open on 13 November 2014 to coincide with the DESIGN Canberra festival and will run for twelve months. The exhibition will also coincide with major Canberra events including the Enlighten Festival in 2015 and Floriade 2015.

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City Light – Maynard Waters

Wednesday 30 July 2014

9 August – 9 September 2014
Meet the Artist Saturday 9 August from 2pm

An exhibition expressing a visual storyteller’s passion for the omnipresent and vital light that brings the city of his upbringing to life.

Maynard Waters was born in Sydney in 1936. His father was a carpenter who travelled and worked throughout Australia and Maynard followed as a construction worker. During his travels he met many different characters amongst his workmates and the people of the many towns he visited. His mind stored up pictures of the various facets of Australian life, which later appeared in his paintings of country towns and vignettes of city life.

He had always had the desire to paint. His first attempts were tentative representations of the Australian life he knew so well. Soon, as he offered paintings to galleries and they sold, his career as a painter was born, and in due time became an established painter and muralist.

After training at East Sydney Technical College and an overseas study tour he garnered greater technical ability and maturity.

For a period Maynard taught at the Canberra National Art School. He soon decided that he could not paint and teach and do both well, so he dropped teaching and made painting his work.

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Mistique – Chan Dissanayake

Wednesday 30 July 2014

9 August – 9 September 2014
Meet the Artist Saturday 9 August from 2pm

An exhibition resulting from the study of the effects and plays of light under misty atmospheric conditions.

Chan Dissanayake was born in Sri Lanka to an artistic family, his father an internationally acclaimed film director and his mother an art teacher. He migrated with his family to Australia in 1986.

A talent for drawing was recognized in pre-school days and a passion for art, especially for watercolours, kept him actively involved in it. Having studied watercolour painting with renowned Australian artists, he had embarked on a journey of self-discovery.

Achieving rapid success and winning many major awards, he has gained a considerable reputation as an outstanding watercolour artist. His solo exhibition ‘Cool Waters’ held in October 2010 at the Bungendore Woodworks Gallery was a sell-out. Since being invited as a guest tutor at the Summer Art Experience by the Artists society of Canberra 2011 and 2012, he now conducts workshops throughout Australia and is a well sought after tutor. In August 2014 he will be featuring as a tutor at ASOC startART programme.

Chan is a multi-award winning artists, he created history in 2013 by winning the overall prize on both major art exhibitions in Canberra, where he was named the winner of the Agricultural Heritage Prize and the overall Champion Exhibit at the Royal Canberra Show in 2013; and Best of Show and People’s Choice Award at the Artists Society of Canberra Spring Exhibition 2013.

His works are highly sought after in local and regional galleries.

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The Yarralumla Cabinet - Geoff Hannah

Wednesday 09 July 2014

Geoff Hannah demonstrates his master piece "The Yarralumla Cabinet"

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The Hannah James Trio

Tuesday 08 July 2014

Jazz at the Wood Works

Saturday August 16 from 7pm
3 Course Dinner and Concert $70
Limited Bookings at Cafe Wood Works 02 6238 1688

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Fireside Festival – Viewing of the Hannah Cabinet with Fire Twirling & Mulled Wine

Tuesday 24 June 2014

Put this date in the diary – Friday 8 August – for a winter-themed evening at Bungendore Wood Works.

Enjoy a glass of mulled wine and take in some fire twirling at 5.30pm before the viewing of The Hannah Cabinet . A masterpiece, the Hannah Cabinet was made by Geoff Hannah over a six year period using 34 different Australian and international timbers, 4 species of shell and 17 varieties of precious stone. Featuring extensive marquetry inlays on its doors and 140 drawers – it must be seen to be believed.

Bookings are required for the Hannah Cabinet viewing. Contact the Gallery on 02 6238 1682 to reserve your place.

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Tuesday 24 June 2014

Ken Knight, Don Burrows, Nicole Scerri, Robert Simpson, Stephanie Corkhill Hyles & Lynne Tinley

Exhibition runs from 28th June until 28th July

An exhibition by six artists who express their individual emotions through their art-making that may reflect that emotion, and/or make images that create an emotional response in the viewer.

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Queen Bed

Friday 30 May 2014

Gallery Artistic Director, David Mac Laren has been hard at work over the last few months working on two queen beds – one for a comission, the other for sale on the floor of the Gallery.

More images and information to follow shortly.

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