Peter Young and Review: How to Create Marquetry Pictures with Wood Veneers

Sunday 14 June 2015

Great video put together by Australian Wood Review of Peter Young working on marquetry. Very impressive to see how the skill, time and work it takes Peter to create marquetry in his works.

Take a look at Peter's Sping Flowers II cabinet to see his marquetry work in context.

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Maynard Waters – a working painter

Thursday 04 June 2015

The Paper Boy  2015 – 40x36cm Mixed media on board  $2,600

13 June – 1 July, 2015

You are invited to the Exhibition Opening And Launch of the new Book Maynard Waters – A working painter surveying over 55 years of the extraordinary artistic journey of one of Australia’s foremost naïve artists.

Opening and Launch by David Mac Laren
Artistic Director Bungendore Wood Works Gallery

Saturday 13th June, 2015 2pm in the Octagon ArtSpace

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New Alan Williams Compartment Boxes

Monday 01 June 2015

Nine Alan Williams compartment boxes arrived today! Unfortunately Alan has been quite sick, so we haven’t had many of his boxes in the Gallery recently. Thankfully he is on the mend now. These very special compartment boxes are currently in the oiling room getting some “special treatment” but will be out on display soon.

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Bill Peady visit

Thursday 28 May 2015

We had a lovely surprise visit today from Bill Peady who used to make the Secret Opening Box. Bill turns 91 years old this November! And he is still woodworking in the Masonic Village he lives in near Newcastle.

Bill enjoyed a lunch with his family in the Cafe and later had his photo taken with David and Lesley.

We still have customers coming to the counter asking "where is that box is that can’t be opened”. We know the secret – but we won't tell.

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Helmut Lueckenhausen - Memory Palace

Tuesday 05 May 2015

My son and I travelled from Melbourne to Warrnambool last week to see Helmut Lueckenhausen’s exhibition at the The Warrnambool Art Gallery (WAG). 

And what an exhibition! Helmut Lueckenhausen has created a significant body of work. And the WAG needs to be acknowledged for putting on such a large exhibition with all the details and grunt work that entails. 

It was great to see how Helmut’s works has evolved, and it was pleasing to travel back to the 70's and 80's era wood making, and I enjoyed the gutsy changes in direction his work has taken over the years. 

If at all possible, do visit this exhibition. But if time and distance makes this impossible at least watch this video and take a look at the exhibition page on the WAG website.

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Road works - business as usual

Thursday 30 April 2015

Significant road works started this week at the intersection in front of the Gallery. As you can see our lovely building is hidden behind high visibility tape and machinery!

Hopefully the works will be completed soon, but in the meantime business continues as normal for both the Gallery and Cafe, we are open 7 days a week 9am to 5pm.

Here is some information on the roadworks from Transport Road & Maritime Services

New pedestrian refuges in Bungendore

Transport Road & Maritime Services
April 2015

Safety improvement on Malbon Street and Ellendon Street, Bungendore from 27 April 2015

The NSW Government is funding $255,000 for this work to improve safety for pedestrians and motorists.

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New Document Box by Drew Badcock

Wednesday 22 April 2015

Huon Pine Document Box by Drew Badcock, $510.

310w x 225d x 50h mm

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New Document Box by Thirston Morris

Wednesday 22 April 2015

Document Box with tray by Thirston Morris. $895

Rock Maple, Black Walnut, Birdseye Maple and Wenge.

400w x 290d x 120h mm

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Socks from Bungendore – The Letters of Tom Rutledge from the First World War

Wednesday 22 April 2015

As the Rutledge family, and their property ‘‘Gidleigh’’, have featured so prominently in Bungendore’s rich history it is very exciting to share this book:

Socks from Bungendore – The Letters of Tom Rutledge from the First World War. Edited by Martha Rutledge and William Rutledge

'This collection of letters from the front, written by an Australian officer in the First World War, is not only an excellent read in itself but it also offers a very interesting picture of what our soldiers experienced in their individual lives while serving abroad.

Lt Col Thomas Rutledge wrote well and regularly to his mother nearly every week or fortnight while he was away, 1914-18. He gave detailed reports on how he was faring, and equally we learn how his family members were dealing with their challenges at home. He told of the pressures of food shortage in Europe, the contributions made by the Americans, and the effect of declining morale on the German side. 

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New Work by Dellington Henry Bare

Tuesday 14 April 2015

<a href="">Clam Bowl - Kerosene Wood, Nautilus Shell & wooden inlay - 28cm x 21 x 4.5cm h - $600</a>

Dellington Henry Bare is a craftsman from Marovo Lagoon in the Solomon Islands. He was taught to carve by his uncles and now carries on the tradition of carving that was carried out by generations of his ancestors in Marovo Lagoon in both wood and stone.

Dellington was raised by his grandparents and grew up with a strong connection to his kastom and culture, as well as respect for its craftsmanship. This knowledge and cultural pride are exhibited in his works, which draw on traditional designs and ancestral kastoms. These elements exist alongside modern interpretations of kastom stories as well as his love of the ocean, which is an integration part of him as an islander and as a diver.

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Ceremonial Mace

Wednesday 25 March 2015

This spectacular ceremonial mace and stand by Chris Mitchell was a recent commissioned by the Alliance College of Australia. Made from Tasmanian Blackwood and Huon Pine this is a special piece that will be admired by students and faculty both now and in the future.

For extra credit look at Chris’s process shots as they provide insight into the making process and they show the skill and craft that goes into creating pieces like this.

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Wenge Jewellery Box Commission

Wednesday 18 March 2015

During a recent visit to the Gallery, a client fell in love with one of Mark Hailstons’ exquisitely detailed jewellery boxes, although she felt that its dimensions didn’t quite meet her requirements. So after discussions regarding her preferences, we were able to commission Mark to make this bespoke work to precisely accommodate her needs.

Made from Wenge, Tasmanian Oak and lined in black suede, this truly stunning jewellery box features wooden hinges and latch, and includes a lift out tray and dividers within.

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Sculpture Base Commission

Wednesday 18 March 2015

The Gallery was recently approached with an unusual request.

This stunning piece of glass art was purchased as a farewell gift but required a base of sorts for stability, as well as a place to write a special ‘message’ from well-wishing colleges and to ‘finish’ its overall presence.

After consultation with Artistic Director, David Mac Laren, it was decided that Jarrah turned to a dome with the sculpture recessed slightly, would be just the thing to set it off.

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Glass Display Cabinet Commission

Wednesday 18 March 2015

The Gallery recently had the pleasure of producing this beautiful Glass Display Cabinet on behalf of some very special clients.

Made from Blackwood and American White Oak and featuring ‘hidden’ hinges and magnetic ‘locking’, this wonderful piece was commissioned by a loving wife for her husband in celebration of a distinguished 30 year military careers’ worth of commemorative coins.

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Breakfast Table

Wednesday 18 March 2015

We were asked by clients to make a “breakfast table” based on one of our display tables in the gallery.

They requested the depth be 460mm and 2100mm long, and no bottom shelf so that they could place their stools underneath. And they wished to have the table on casters so that the table could be rolled away when needed for another purpose.

The result was so charming that we decided to make two more, soon to arrive on the floor.

Design: David Mac Laren 
Maker: Mitchell Rice

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Ken Knight - From the Artist’s Studio

Monday 16 March 2015

Jindabyne Rocks, oil on board, 25x31cm $3,000 (SOLD)

From the Artist’s Studio
An Exhibition of Paintings by Ken Knight
28 March – 3 June, 2015

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