Craft Australia Defunded

Thursday 01 December 2011

This year, 2011, marks Craft Australia’s 40th year. It is a year for acknowledging and celebrating the outstanding achievements of an exceptional generation of studio craft practitioners many with high profile international reputations.

And this is also the year that the Visual Arts Board informed Craft Australia that it will be defunded. This is the last year Craft Australia will act as an advocate for the Australian craft sector.

In recent years the crafts have been elevated in popular and academic writing. The Craftsmen, by Richard Sennet is erudite and compelling in arguing that “the craftsman’s realm
is far broader than skilled manual labour; the computer programmer, the doctor, the parent and citizen need to learn the values of good craftsmanship today.”

When these values are widely embraced in society they can form the national character, and can impact on productivity, prosperity and civil society.

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Design Innovation Play - Review by Meredith Hinchliffe

Thursday 10 November 2011

I find it amazing that this is David Mac Laren’s first solo exhibition after 40 years of practice. Amazing because his name is synonymous with high quality furniture and excellence in design in woodworking in Australia and has been since 1983.

This exhibition has two main parts: the first is the work on display in the upstairs Octagonal Gallery of Bungendore Wood Works Gallery and the second is the accompanying catalogue in which he is quoted at length from discussions with Stan d’Argeavel. In these transcripts he speaks about his philosophy and his approach to his materials and how they impact on his designs.

There is surprisingly little work on display in the exhibition considering that the artist's career spans nearly forty years. However, the reasons are that many of his pieces over the years have been private commissions, and also that this is not a retrospective exhibition but an exhibition of the maker’s more recent works and design ideas.

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Rodney Hayward: Design Innovation Play

Wednesday 09 November 2011

Address by Dr. Rodney Hayward, Former Head, Furniture Workshop, School of Art ANU, on Saturday 15 October 2011 at the opening of Design Innovation Play.

“You must be the change you wish to see in the world”

Mahatma Gandhi

A story of a life is filled with the nuance of history and the ambiguity of telling the story we can only connect the dots.

For where we are standing today, in this Gallery and this body-of-work, David’s story begins in 1977 with his coming to Australia from the USA and settling in the environs of Bungendore. Australia and the region were not unknown to him as he had previously completed an Arts degree at ANU in 1965.

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Play: Gulf Tower

Tuesday 25 October 2011

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Design Innovation Play Catalogue

Friday 21 October 2011

The Design Innovation Play catalogues arrived just in time for the exhibition opening and they look great. The catalogues are available at the Gallery for $10.

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Makers mark

Friday 07 October 2011

Recently we have been focused on documenting what we do and how we do it. To help with this we have designed and produced samples of a "Maker's Mark" that will be attached in an inconspicuous place to furniture designed and hand crafted by David Mac Laren Artistic Director. Check out the samples above laser engraved by the Canberra Trophy Centre .

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Craft Valuation

Friday 07 October 2011

Meredith Hinchliffe

Meredith Hinchliffe is a freelance arts advocate and writer living and working in Canberra. She began work at the Craft Association of the ACT in 1978 and has been actively involved in the crafts since that time. She is approved to value Australian ceramics glass textiles jewellery leatherwork wooden objects and furniture from 1970 for the Australian Government's Cultural Gifts Program.

Meredith has been a strong supporter of Bungendore Wood Works Gallery since it opened and has written many reviews and articles about exhibitions and exhibiting artists.

Email Meredith:

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On the Making, Recording and Provenance of a Piece

Friday 07 October 2011

Presented to the Studio Furniture 2010 Wood Conference - Towards Professionalism. This is a fictional Story of a 'best practice' chain of events leading to a complete provenance of a commissioned piece of fine furniture.

This is my story to date.

I was made in the late 1970s by a highly respected furniture designer/maker whose name is Billie, as a commission for a family whose name is Cash. The family dealt with a commercial gallery that Billie exhibited with and sold work through regularly. They had seen a piece of his work in an important group exhibition, similar to the one we will see tonight.

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Friday 09 September 2011

Spring is finally here and we thought the trees at at the gallery looked so good we should take a few photos.

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Ken Knight Exhibition Catalogue

Monday 15 August 2011

Ocean & Sky (Triptych), oil on board, 101x57 (each) cm

An exhibition about the sojourns and intensity of artistic vision of an en plein-air modern Australian landscape impressionist.

6 August – 10 October, 2011

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Special Order: Shaving Box

Wednesday 10 August 2011

We are always working with our clients to create personalised variations on many of the works in the Gallery.

So when a client asked for a 8 day shaving box to be made to hold his collection of antique straight razors we were happy to help.

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Timber combines knockout looks with ethical kudos

Monday 11 July 2011

In the weekend Sydney Morning Herald Spectrum there was an interesting article about the ethics and aesthetics of wood that we thought was particularly relevant given all the recent debate about carbon pricing.

"Timber combines knockout looks with ethical kudos, writes HELEN GREENWOOD.

Trees are nature's carbon storage. So says Peter Maddison, the architect and host of LifeStyle Channel's Grand Designs Australia, in a recent television ad. By using wooden products made of sustainable timber, we help tackle climate change.

The logic goes like this: growing trees absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, emit oxygen and store carbon. The carbon remains locked in the wood for the life of the piece of timber until it rots, decays or is burnt. By planting trees and using wood rather than other materials, we invest in a long-term way to sink and store carbon for Australia.

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Governor-General gives a gift from the Gallery to the Pope

Wednesday 08 June 2011

When The Australian Governor-General Quentin Bryce visited the Vatican and met Pope Benedict she gave him a Indigenous painting and a Peter Gorring Document Boxfrom the Gallery. We are really proud that a gift from our Gallery was chosen to represent Australia on the international stage.

"In return for a gold medallion bearing his image, the Pope received an Indigenous painting and a document box from Bungendore, on the ACT border."

ABC News. Jean Di Marino. Posted Thu Jun 2, 2011. 

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Keeping the record straight

Monday 30 May 2011

As part of the Gallery’s upcoming 30th Anniversary Celebrations in 2013, I am about to begin documenting my past furniture pieces and other woodwork. The intention here is threefold: firstly we wish to establish an asset register of all the past and current work produced by me for the Gallery; secondly, we have recently undertaken a role of encouraging ourselves and our contributing makers and artists to adopt a regime of full and comprehensive provenance procedures to comply with a “best practice” situation regarding specific works; and thirdly, as part of the 30th year celebrations I will be publishing a book of my work in conjunction with a general history of the Gallery’s activities, buildings and significant events and exhibitions since its inception in 1983.

Over the next year or two, but beginning as soon as practicable and with the permission of furniture owners, I would like to identify, source and document as many of my past significant pieces as possible.

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Facebook page

Friday 27 May 2011

We have just launched our new Facebook page. Follow Bungendore Wood Works Gallery on Facebook to keep in touch with the latest news, products and events.

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