X-Frame Dining Table Commission

Saturday 06 February 2016

A young couple came across my X-Frame dining tables design on the Wood Works website and contacted me through our online enquiry form. They were seeking a custom designed dining table to complement their recently renovated house by Robert Henry Architects.

Through a consultative process with Mitchell Rice at Monaro Timbers, and the clients and myself we selected the timber and arrived at the desired shape of the top and the profile for the legs and cleats.

It was very satisfying for me to find a solution to cover the holes for the furniture screws in the cleats by using  a cap held in place with rare earth magnets.

David MacLaren, Artistic Director Bungendore Wood Works Gallery

Dimensions: 210w x 105d x 71h cm
Materieals: Blackbutt (Eucalyptus pilularis), rare earth (Neodymium) magnets, nickel plated furniture screws.

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New Work by Robin Cromer

Friday 08 January 2016

"Boxed Op-art” Dovetailed Box

More new work by local ACT Wood Worker Robin Cromer showcasing a range of techniques and exceptional craftsmanship.

"Boxed Op-art” Dovetailed Box
Blackwood with marquetry design in figured Queensland Walnut and Rock Maple. Lift-out tray in Huon pine. Lined with burgundy suede.

Dovetail Jewelry Box
PNG Walnut. Curved laminated lid with book matched veneer of Macassar ebony with edge line of Silver ash. Lift-out tray and box interior finished in black suede.

“Messmate” Dovetail Box
Jarrah with marquetry design of Messmate foliage. Lined in black suede.

Masked Butterfly Fish
Huon pine, turned and carved with pyrography detail.

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Robin Cromer – Eleanor’s Oak

Friday 08 January 2016

We have some great new work by local ACT wood worker Robin Cromer. One of our favourites is a two bowl set titled “Eleanor’s Oak”.

The bowls are made from a historic Pin Oak (Quercus palustris) planted by First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt at the opening of the U.S. Embassy in Canberra on 4th September 1942. The U.S. Embassy donated a portion of the timber to the Woodcraft Guild ACT Inc. after the tree fell during a windstorm in January 2015.

Two bowls set: $470

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New Work by Chris Mitchell

Friday 08 January 2016

Wood turner Chris Mitchell has crafted two new products that we are excited to share.

The elegant Salt Bowls are made from various Tasmania timbers; Myrtle, Huon Pine, Celery Top Pine, Blackwood & Sassafras. They are 9.5cm in diameter and cost $30.

The Hawthorne Twig Pots are made from Crataegus monogyna, known as common Hawthorn (it is a species of Hawthorn native to Europe, northwest Africa and western Asia). It has been introduced in many other parts of the world where it can be an invasive weed. It's spines and close branching make it effectively stock and human-proof. The pots come in three sizes small $25, medium $30 and large $35.

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A Stunning Performance

Monday 07 December 2015

Bungendore Wood Works Gallery and Café Wood Works are active supporters of the 2015 National Young Virtuoso Awards in association with Canberra’s Artsound FM 92.7 Community Radio and the Australian Fine Music Network.

Gallery Exhibition Coordinator Stan d’Argeavel was on hand at The National Finals held this year at the Larry Sitsky Recital Room at the ANU School of Music on Sunday 29th November featuring the NSW, Victoria, South Australia, Queensland and ACT State Finalist winners.

Winner of this year’s competition was Magdalenna Krstevska from Victoria. Magdalenna (accompanied by pianist James Huntingford) gave a faultless performance, of Claude Debussy’s Premiere Rhapsody, Louis Spohr’s Clarinet Concerto No.2 op.57, mvt.3 and Robert Muczynski’s Time Piece for Clarinet and piano mvt4. to take this year’s award.

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Ian Bell Sculptures

Monday 07 December 2015

New work by the very talented wood artist Ian Bell. His work is beautiful, subtle and ever delightful.

WhaleTail – $990
White Cedar, 15w x 6d x 45h cm (approx)

Baby Wombat – $910
White Beech, 27w x 15d x 12h cm (approx)

Echidna – $660
Banksia, 27w x 20d x 6h cm (approx)

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Max Clerteau Marquetry Boxes

Monday 07 December 2015

Wonderful new butterfly marquetry boxes by Max Clerteau have just arrived in the Gallery. Perfect for jewellery and keepsakes they are made from various timbers.

Yellow Butterfly Box – $880
22w x 13d x 8.5h cm, Body: Cedar, Lid: Poplar, Myrtle & Sycamore dyed veneers

Blue Butterfly Box – $880
22w x 13d x 8.5h cm, Body: Huon Pine, Lid: Poplar & Sycamore dyed veneers

Orange Butterfly Box – $880
22w x 13d x 8.5h cm, Body: Poplar, Lid: cedar, cherry, maple dyed veneers

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Sharon’s Surprising Spoon

Wednesday 02 December 2015

Long-time BWWG employee Sharon Rasker is an energetic member of her local community, always willing to step up for a good cause.

So it is no surprise that Sharon is a supporter of the Op Shop in the small township of Pambula that has raised over one million dollars for Imlay House (an Aged Care facility in the area). Sharon is a regular customer, but when she visited the shop in January 2013, she had no idea of the strange and unlikely tale that would unfold.

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Neil Turner Burl natural edge bowls

Wednesday 18 November 2015

A batch of gorgeous Neil Turner Burl natural edge bowls have arrived from WA.

Sized 120mm to 210mm dia and priced $110 to $220.

They weigh only 65 to 233 grams, so perfect for shipping interstate or internationally

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Pru Ingham "Chair + Stool"

Wednesday 18 November 2015

The image of Pru Ingham seated in her chair appears in “Remembering the Present – A Braidwood Portrait” printed in 2000, by Terry Milligan, a one-time resident of Mongarlow.

‘The Chair + Stool 1998’ appears now in the entrance windows of the Bungendore Wood Works Gallery. Made for an Exhibition called “Conviviality”, Materials include Structurally integrated glass, jasper, suede, and a hardwood timber called wenge from the Cameroun in West Africa – used there for flooring in traditional houses. (The Chair + Stool 1998 is not for sale.)

“All my work is influenced by George Ingham, my teacher and my love.”

Pru, I believe, was the first to teach an evening course for women in woodworking, in the 1980’s with the encouragement of George Ingham, head of the Canberra School of Art Wood Workshop.

David Mac Laren Artistic Director, Bungendore Wood Works Gallery

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Young Geoff Hannah

Sunday 15 November 2015

Bruce Reineker came into the Gallery a few weeks back and saw the Hannah Cabinet and told us he had written a book which had a school class photo with Geoff Hannah in it. He came in last week and bought the book in to show us. And there low and behold on page 15 is young Geoff Hannah in his class photo from the 1955 Busby’s Flat School.

Geoff told us he remembered this day as he had to wear shoes to school, which he did not like:)

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Terry Martin and Zina Burloiu Demonstrations

Thursday 12 November 2015

Wood Artists Terry Martin and Zina Burloiu have been out the front of the Gallery the past few weekends demonstrating wood turning, carving and having a good chat with visitors.

Stop by the Gallery between 11am and 3pm to see them over the following weekends.

  1. Sat 14th & Sun 15th November 
  2. Sat 21st & Sun 22nd November
  3. Sat 28th & Sun 29th November
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Mark Hailston Veneer Box

Thursday 12 November 2015

A “wow” box by Mark Hailston just arrived. It recently won first prize at the ACT Woodcraft competition in the Boxes (not turned) category.  

The box core is marine plywood covered with shop made veneer. The veneer is made up of the following timbers: Blackwood, Jarrah, Wenge, Tas Oak & Celery Top Pine. Strips of each timber were cut to various thicknesses and then laminated together. Strips were then cut of the block to form the veneer. This was then glued to the substrate and from there the box was built in the normal way.

Price: $2000 Dimensions: 210w x 210w x 115h mm

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John Wesley Walking Stick Commission

Tuesday 10 November 2015

The very talented Doug Collins has just completed a fun commission – a John Wesley caricature walking stick!

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The Weekend to End Women's Cancers

Tuesday 10 November 2015

We are very proud of our staff, Penny and Sharon, who walked 60kms this past weekend for Chris O’Brien Lifehouse – The Weekend to End Women's Cancers! #‎TheWeekendSY

The walk was 30km on Saturday and again on Sunday around Sydney – the harbour, foreshores, Anzac Bridge, other bridges :), through the streets, up and down hills. Both of them survived without getting blisters, and both came to work on Monday, bloody legends they both are. LOL :)

Penny’s teams raised over $63k, the second highest out of all the teams. Overall there was 600+ women (and some men) who walked 60km and raised over $1.85 million. Great work everyone.

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Trees+ Exhibition Opening

Wednesday 04 November 2015

The Trees+ exhibition opening was a great afternoon with old and new friends celebrating trees.

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