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An Exhibition of Landscape, Flora and Fauna Watercolours by Canberra Region artist Helen Fitzgerald.

Exhibition continues until 9 June, 2013.

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When you visit Bungendore Wood Works Gallery don’t forget to stop by Café Wood Works. It is a welcoming and vibrant art-space. The food is generous in flavour and portion, and the produce sourced locally whenever possible.

Paul Garling, Graeme Krake and Jill Noble
An exhibition by three New Artists to the Gallery

9 March - 30 April, 2013

Complete exhibition catalogue now available online.

Geoff Hannah, Tony Kenway & Scott Mitchell
Masters of Craft presents the work of three exceptional woodworkers considered to be among the best in the world and at the peak of their creative careers. 

From Australia Day until April 31st

There have been some recent furniture additions to the Gallery. We love the new pieces so much that we couldn't wait to update the furniture catalogue and share them with you.

On a late winter Saturday afternoon Bryce Courtney breezed into the gallery. There was urgency if not desperation to find a box to fit the stack of hand written manuscript for his first novel “the Power of One”. No box in the gallery was deep enough. How deep? About 200 mm. We can have it made to order. “In a week?” “For my wife’s birthday!” A week. Phone calls. And yes, says Garrick blue, I have one length of timber that would suit. If I drop everything I can do it in a week.

Smiles and relief all around. And on leaving Bryce said, “Everyone in Bungendore is so friendly.”

There has been a comments book at the front counter of the Gallery since the Gallery opened in 1983. Visitors from all over the world have jotted down their impressions, thoughts and comments, sometimes legible and somtimes not, and not always in English in our comments book. These comments fill numerous volumes and it seems a shame to keep them all to ourselves.

Double Vision brings together the inspiring works of two very different artists – yet is also a celebration of powerfully shared themes. For both artists, the exploration of pattern and structure in the natural environment is a key element.

Exhibiiton opens Saturday 8 December 2012 and continues until 24 January 2013. 

Canberra freelance arts advocate and writer Meredith Hinchliffe reviews Anton Gerner at Bungendore Wood Works Gallery.

Viewers can see several influences in Anton Gerner’s work. He has been working for the past ten years or so, using traditional hand tools, construction techniques and finishes. He keeps solid quality timber – until just the right piece is conceived.

6 October – 3 December 2012

David Voigt’s artistic spectrum for this exhibition begins with delicately toned pencil drawings, and continues through striking watercolours, ethereal landscapes and highly complex geometric visions of elements of the landscape and light. 

6 October – 3 December 2012

An exhibition of fine handcrafted furniture by Anton Gerner. Anton Gerner is an award-winning furniture designer and maker. He and his small team of skilled craftspeople create one-off pieces of furniture.

There have been some recent furniture additions to the Gallery. We love the new pieces so much that we couldn't wait to update the furniture catalogue and share them with you.

We have just completed a custom order just for Canberra Grammar for their 2012 year 12 students. Graduating year 12 students will be presented with a burl paper weight and medallion. The richness and warmth of the timber burl both compliments and contrasts with the metal medallion to create a memento four the students that is well worth keeping.

Beautiful Buffet by Designer/Maker Geoff Poole is made from Jarrah, Flaming She Oak (Hairy Oak), Southern Silky Oak and Silver Ash. There are 12 wine bottle shelves, a cutlery draw, space for crockery and inside the centre cabinets there are New Guinea Rosewood wine glass racks for 12 glasses. 

Maynard Waters is an exceptional artist capturing the essence of an Australia that he chooses to view with an intentional selective blindness. In doing so he presents a nostalgic and romantic viewpoint of the country and city through the workingman’s eyes.

Exhibition continues until September 30, 2012