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Saturday 17 January 2015 from 6pm

One of Europe’s most acclaimed composer/performers playing music from his new CD ONE on the Yamaha C7 Concert Grand Piano

We are very excited to announce that after a break in production due to injury, and just in time for Christmas, Michael Koren’s beautiful carved spoons are back in the Gallery! Made from Queensland timbers and priced from $15 – $35 they make a great gift for someone special or even for your good self.

George Chirnside’s playful segmented fish have a new companion, a Segmented Platypus! The cleverly segmented Platypus wriggles like the real thing. Available in medium and large in Redgum and Jarrah.

Take a close look at this matching set of marquetry panels by master craftsman Michael Retter. The 32x46cm panels were commissioned late last year and were recently photographed by the owner. Exceptional work and artistry.

A new addition to the Gallery, Garrick Blue’s Playing Card Boxes are the perfect gift for the passionate card player. The boxes are available in Jarrah or Jarrah and Tiger Myrtle for $182 – playing cards included!

For over a decade two distinctive sculptures carved with chainsaws by Remo Vallance have stood on the Gallery lawn.

Sadly, one has fallen. Hopefully, after a visit to the workshop, it will shortly return.

Beautifully crafted boxes by Ross Purdon

This Giant Coolibah Burl Pear was commissioned when Inca from Queensland visited the Gallery and saw, and fell in love with, our range of wooden turned fruit. She asked if we could make a wooden pear specially for her, only it had to be 30cm high!  

Wood turner Jim Homan and Gallery Director David Mac Laren collaborated to create the finished product. We are amazed by it's perfection and beauty. 

If tables have legs, then why not complete them with boots? The “Table with Boots” Wall Table by Gallery Artistic Director David Mac Laren provides a welcome break from the austerity of contemporary design with a sense of true whimsy and play.

9 August – 9 September 2014

An exhibition resulting from the study of the effects and plays of light under misty atmospheric conditions.

9 August – 9 September 2014

An exhibition expressing a visual storyteller’s passion for the omnipresent and vital light that brings the city of his upbringing to life.

Gallery Artistic Director, David Mac Laren has been hard at work over the last few months working on two queen beds – one for a comission and the other for sale on the floor of the Gallery.

More images and information to follow shortly.

Ken Knight, Don Burrows, Nicole Scerri, Robert Simpson, Stephanie Corkhill Hyles & Lynne Tinley. Exhibition runs from 28th June until 28th July. 

An exhibition by six artists who express their individual emotions through their art-making that may reflect that emotion, and/or make images that create an emotional response in the viewer.

Crafted by Jochen Heinzmann the Felix Box is an unconventional twist on the conventional box-with-drawers. Instead of pulling out straight, each drawer swings out hinged on opposite sides of the box, which requires the drawers to be curved on both sides. With the form follows function maxim of modern design in mind, the side walls of the box follow the shape of the drawers. This creates the unique rounded trapezoidal shape of the box.

The Grog Log crafted by Chris Mitchell, an old favourite here at the Gallery, is back once again and can be purchased online or instore for $37.

For the Anzac Day commemorative rugby match between the Brumbies and Chiefs we were commissioned to make a bespoke Kip to fit two Anzac Centenary commemorative coins from the Royal Australian Mint. In lieu of the coin toss, a quick game of two-up was played to decide the kick off.

And well done Brumbies! It was a great win:)