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Maynard Waters has been painting his unique mind’s eye views of the places and characters he finds in the unique Australian city and rural social landscapes he has visited for over 60 years.

This Exhibition continues in the Gallery Octagon (upstairs) until the 9th September 2019.

This is Rick Cochrane’s second Exhibition at Bungendore Woodworks. His art practice includes painting, drawing and printmaking. The Exhibition continues in the Gallery Octagon (upstairs) until the 9th September 2019.

Starfall, huon pine, 16cm dia, $1800

Shadow and Light

In the Octagon ArtSpace from the 8th September

Come and meet Terry and Zina, 10am to 2pm Saturday 8th September, upstairs at the Gallery.

The Exhibition continues through until 5pm on the 14th October 2018

Foliu #3, David Haig, $12,375

Studio Furniture 2018 is a landmark exhibition of work by today’s leading designer makers at the Bungendore Wood Works Gallery celebrating its 35th year, in partnership with the Australian Wood Review celebrating its 100th issue. The exhibition brief was to create well considered and crafted pieces made with saleability within a gallery context in mind. The design and finish presented will communicate a studio furniture attitude; that is, an emphasis on individually designed and made work. Each piece will show a high level of thought and detailing so as to distinguish it from mass-produced manufacturing. 

Studio Furniture 2018 is dedicated to Matthew Harding (1964-2018) as an artist, father and friend.

Bungendore Wood Works Gallery Founder and Artistic Director David Mac Laren received a much un-anticipated letter recently informing him that he has been awarded the Medal of the Order of Australia in the Honorary division within the Australian honours system.

An exhibition of new works by Ken Knight

Exhibition opening and meet the artist
Saturday 1st September 2018 at 2pm

At the Octagon ArtSpace, Bungendore Wood Works Gallery

Continues until 5pm October 14th 2018

Passage is the product of two recent stays by Bryan in the port city of Tangier, Morocco. 30 June – 5 August 2018

Out of the Past – Into the Future

21 April – 25 June, 2018

David Voigt has tirelessly worked on his unique representation of the Australian landscape over the past five decades. He developed and pursued an exciting and visual way to present the bond between light and subject – the two requisite elements of any depiction of the landscape.

A Vessel’s Journey 3 March – 16 April, 2018 Exhibition Opening Saturday 3 March, 2018 at 2pm

The Retter-Mitchell collaboration has always sought to explore new ground, bridging unfamiliar territory. And this Exhibition moves both artists well out front of the cozy and assured commercial success of their previous work.

Exhibition continues until 27 February 2018

Entrepreneur, Businessman, Aviator, Philanthropist and Founder of Dick Smith Electronics, Dick Smith AC opened a new exhibition at Bungendore Wood Works Gallery Saturday 16 December 2018. The Exhibition is the latest of a series of collaborative exhibitions by Sydney based marquetrist Michael Retter OAM and Canberra (now Bungendore) resident and fine wood worker, Scott Mitchell.

Photos Courtesy of the Bungendore Weekly

The Chinoiserie Cabinet is Geoff Hannah’s homage to the Chinoiserie Style of furniture design that he studied Paris and London while on his Churchill Fellowship in the 1980s and features 12 timber species, 9 stone varieties, 23 carat gold leaf gilding and a myriad of oriental hidden chambers, panels and pockets of mystery.

24 September – 10 December – 2017 Opening 2pm Sunday 24 September 2017 Painter/Printmaker Pamela Griffith and Sculptor/Carver Silvio Apponyi cover common ground with their inspiring works that invite you to share their love and concern for nature, flora, and fauna and the delicate position wild life holds in a world obsessed with profit, the world which often involves the exploitation of precious environments.

Chan Dissanayake and Rick Cochrane Exhibition Opening 2pm Sunday 27 November, 2016 Exhibition continues until 7 February, 2017

Fine Furniture by Darren Oates Exhibition Opening 2pm Sunday 27 November, 2016 Exhibition continues until 7 February, 2017

23 July – 31 October 2016

An exhibition about collaboration - Design by Malcolm Stewart, Woodwork by Ian Higgs and Metalwork by Dean Bell.