Victor Grech

Victor Grech and his family arrived in Tasmania in 1984 seeking, like many before him, a lifestyle change. Inspired by the beautiful timbers unique to Tasmania and building on his 17 years of experience working as a toolmaker in the engineering industry he entered the wood craft industry. 

Working from a home workshop Victor Hand crafts wall clocks incorporating the Foliot escapement. It took over two years of research and development of the mechanism, incorporating past technology with precision and finish, to create a design that spans centuries.

The huge clocks made from the end of the 13th Century were known as ‘Monumental Clocks’. In these clocks, the unit chosen to mark the passage of time was the period of one oscillation of a mechanism called the Foliot. The Latin word folio means ‘page of a book’, and in the same way, the Foliot of a clock describes the passage of a small, clearly defined length of time. 

The Foliot consists of a horizontal bar (balance), which carries two weights (regulators), one on each end of the bar. The bar is fixed at its central point to a vertical rod (verge), on which are two pallets. The pallets engage with a wheel, which pushes the verge first one way then the other, causing the Foliot to oscillate. The wheel advances by one pin for each double oscillation.

These pieces of mechanism together form an oscillator and constitute the original realization of a mechanical unit of time. The clock is an historical piece and what better way to display our beautiful timbers in such a functional way. This mechanism constitutes the original realisation of a mechanical unit of time.

The clocks feature wooden gears and pinions, a single hour hand and is driven by a hanging weight. Clocks are made from Huon Pine, Sassafras, Myrtle, Blackwood or Tasmanian Eucalypt.

As each clock is hand crafted, the quantity and uniqueness is guaranteed. Each clock bears a model number, manufacture date and production number engraved on the back of each clock.

Geared Wooden Clocks

Victor Grech’s Geared Wooden Clocks are handcrafted interpretations of a 15th century Foliot wall clock. The style dates back approximately 500 years - although the actual movement (Foliot) goes back to the end of the 13th Century. The movement constitutes the original realisation of a mechanical unit of time. Foliot clocks were driven by a hanging weight and incorporated wooden gears and a single hour hand.

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