Terry Green

Terry lived in London until he was 16 excelling at school in Woodworking and Photography. After moving to New Zealand with his family he pursued a career in Photography and eventually set up his own studio. In 1992 the family moved to Canberra where his passion for woodworking returned after making a special box for my wife to house her essential oils. He enjoyed it so much he made two more boxes and gave them away to friends. He began making jewellery boxes and started to use inlay more and more. In 2009 Terry decided to start full time wood working from his home workshop. He still has an interest in Photography and enjoys shooting landscapes.

Chess Set

Chess Set by John Unwin made from New Guniea Rosewood and Huon Pine.

Chessboard by Terry green made from Jarrah and Silver Ash.

Chessboard: 40 x 40 cm
Pieces: King 12cm, Queen 11cm, Bishop & Rook 8.5cm, Knight 7.5cm, Pawns 7cm (height)
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