Scott Mitchell

Scott Mitchell is a very busy and successful Canberra designer and furniture maker working in fine and rare timbers. He is a shining example of the success of the inclusion of woodworking in fine arts training institutions.

He grew up in the timber-rich Tweed River Valley on the far north coast of NSW where his High School woodworking was limited to radiata pine chopping boards and eventually found the Canberra (now ANU) School of Art. The School was the first to include the wood medium among it’s specialist workshops and thanks to the foresight of employing one of the world’s great woodworkers and educators, the late George Ingham, wood is now an accepted medium in art schools in other states.

One of the valuable lessons taught by George Ingham was the ability to think outside the square and to keep pushing, and then refining, the envelope in the fields of design and best practice on the work bench. And this thought process lends itself to woodworkers eagerly embracing new technologies.

Among the finely considered works he now produces is an evolutionary and revolutionary lamp. Scott had this to say about his flower-like lamp that stands on a stainless steel disc set into a timber base.

“We’ve been experimenting with a Queanbeyan company using a water jet cutting system that can actually cut the stainless extremely accurately without heat. These lamps will be a strong element of the show and I’m hoping the lighting will be sufficiently subdued to really show off the depth of grain while still letting the lamps illuminate the room.”

“Because the parts that have been vacuum formed are identical we can actually interchange the shades. I could even change them on the spot which would be kind of neat.”

Mitchell and his Fyshwick workshop team have come a long way with his designs and Scott wants people to think about just how many amazing colours and grains come out of special, rarer pieces of wood and how rewarding it can be to display and use his carefully considered pieces of furniture made from this beautiful material.

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