Richard Morecroft

Richard Morecroft is perhaps best known in Australia for his work in television particularly anchoring the ABC nightly news and for several years as host of Richard Morecroft Goes Wild! the weekly national wildlife programme. After 20 years of nightly TV news Richard decided in 2001 it was time for more variety in his professional life. With his base in Jervis Bay Richard has taken the opportunity to pursue his long-time fascination with landscape photography. Im fascinated by the processes which produce structure and pattern in geological and biological environments.

As you examine the detail you can see repeated motifs like variations on a musical theme. Erosion sedimentation fractal patterns of vegetation growth or mineral formation theres a clear sense of common forces at work; universal rules of structure from micro to macro. For some years he has used a vertical format for his images of the landscape exploring a cross-section of the elements in each location from detail to distance. These vertical portraits offer an alternative to the convention of landscape as a broad horizontal view.

The photographs celebrate the recurring patterns and formative influences of the natural world - a vision of the environment where every element large and small is recognised as significant. From details of texture structure and pattern through to the larger vistas beyond the complex resonance of wild places is a constant source of inspiration for his imagery. He has been a long-time trustee of the World-wide Fund for Nature (WWF) is a patron of WIRES (the Wildlife Information and Rescue Service) a Governor of the Taronga Zoo Foundation and one of the Directors of the Zoological Parks Board of NSW.

His interest in the arts is also reflected in his appointment to the Board of Bundanon the creative centre donated to the nation by the late Arthur Boyd. Richards work is held in private collections in Australia the US and Europe. His photographs from the South Coast region of NSW hang in the boardroom of the State Minister for Tourism and several of his images have been acquired for the Art Collection of the Federal Parliament.

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