Peter Storey

Peter's works have been influenced by the rural natural places he has lived in or visited. All landscape inspired the geomorphology of Australia is his passion and the main source of inspiration for his art. Ideas of planet earths formation inform works that are resolved by a combination of improvised processes the medium and independent creative thought.

Peter is an ex industrial designer who specialised in exhibition design and the graphics associated with these. Painting commenced as a hobby after his young family arrived. His interest became obsessive but he lacked confidence to rely on art to support his wife and 2 children. Art was put on the back burner until retirement from business in the year 2000. The concept of earths creation the slow physical changes the dimension of size and time across 4.5 billion years have a spiritual and emotional awe for Peter. He believes that the millennial time scale like infinity in which the planet has developed is impossible to relate to human lifetime and presents as a void-like ground in the works. There is great opportunity for deviation and digression as a result of painting the ideas of this subject.

Excursions into extemporized works are anticipated and enjoyed. Peters Current work focuses on the earth & the universe and the void beyond. His most recent previous works depict volcanism as a geomorphic force. Prior to this atmospherics and orogeny inspired many works. The work is usually created in series consisting of a number of pieces using the same theme. The process of the work allows for extension and development and often leads on to other series. Artists acrylics are applied in layered washes & glazes scumble impasto brushwork pallet knife masking stamping and collage. Future work will take advantage of endless opportunities inspired by other geomorphic activity and more improvisation.

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