Michael Cox

Michael Cox has always had an interest in design and aesthetics whether it is woodwork photography art architecture particularly in the natural environment. In the early 70’s his family moved to the NSW south coast for a few years where his Grandfather lived. His grandfather was an accomplished landscape artist and Michael and his brothers and would often tag along to his favourite haunts on the south coast and hinterland while he painted so it is possibly this influence that fostered his appreciation of the natural environment.

After building swimming pools Michael had the opportunity in 1998 to work for a company producing hand- made utensils from Australian hardwoods. The opportunity to create something from timber without the use of tape measures critical measurements and fine tolerances suited him. He also enjoys wood turning immensely and likes the challenge of turning out well proportioned work. In 2005 the chance arose to purchase the business and he has been running it ever since. Local hardwoods are mostly used with the privilege of dealing with local timber cutters who are second and third generation timber men. It has been a revelation to see that they are still working and cutting in the same areas that their fathers and grandfathers had worked in years before.

Michael feels it is reassuring to see that if done correctly and with an eye to the future the timber industry is in fact sustainable. Michael hears that his utensils are often a favourite thing in the kitchen so even after all these years he is still quite enthusiastic about making them. Michael has lost count of the number of times someone has said the words “I love the feel of timber”. He still derives a simple satisfaction in making something that no matter how utilitarian it may be will be used and appreciated for many many years to come.

Rice Spoon

25cm long


Small 30w x 22d cm
Large 44w x 30d cm


0w x 10d x 2h cm


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