Max Clerteau

Max Clerteau became interested in Marquetry soon after he immigrated to Australia from France in 1999. His interest in Marquetry was at first a hobby but soon became more serious and he returned to France to study Advanced Marquetry in Paris. As a member of Sydney’s Marquetry Club he has expanded his skills experimenting with a variety of mediums and cutting techniques. He is a toolmaker by trade working in the precision engineering field using CNC milling machines lathes and various specialised engineering equipment. Manufacturing components for the health telecommunication and engineering industries.

This precision and skill involved in tool making is a perfect fit for the craft of Marquetry. Working with all types of wood veneers natural and dyed cutting with scalpel or scroll saw he has produced a number of pieces including jewellery boxes table tops pictures and chess boards. His designs are inspired from nature and have been greatly influenced by the 17th-18th Century cabinetmakers as well the art nouveau period.

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