Jo Hollier

Jo Hollier is the second child to Dutch parents who immigrated to Australia in the 1950’s. Born in Griffith in NSW Australia, Jo showed natural artistic talent for drawing, painting and collage from a young age. She developed her skills and interest in art though various summer schools, workshops and art classes whilst pursuing a successful career in midwifery and theatre nursing.

After four children leaving home, long periods living and travelling through Thailand and Japan were the catalyst for a dramatic change in direction. Jo completed a Diploma in Visual Arts (Printmaking) in 2001. On graduating Jo was recipient of a Megalo residency.

Following her residency, Jo held her first professional solo exhibition ‘Enchanted Places’, the result of 6 months of experimentation and research into printmaking techniques, at the Belconnen Gallery. Since then, her prints, drawings and paintings have been widely displayed, both within Australia and internationally in solo and group exhibitions.

While Hollier’s work is largely decorative, many of her collections draw on her personal experiences, life events and reflect a fascination for different cultures. This is a result of many years travelling and living in Asia and the Pacific. The natural world also features strongly in her work - birds and native plants have been regular themes in many of her paintings and prints.

Jo mainly works in etching, relief printing and mixed media to produce unique prints or limited edition prints. Also popular are her drawings; often mixed with paint media and collage. Her paintings and etchings are related to each other in that the drawings or paintings often later evolve to become etchings or other prints. When making the print she manipulates the ink by rolling over layers of transparent colour or mixes colours on the plate by a method known as 'a la poupee'.Each print is one of only a few and none are ever exactly the same.

Jo Isa dedicated full time artist based in Canberra, ACT Australia, with her studio located at the rural haven of Strathnairn Arts Association on the edge of the city. Jo is a prominent figure in supporting ACT and Australian arts and teaches drawing, painting, etching and printmaking.

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