Jacques Vanlindt

Jacques Vanlindt was born 1952 in Belgium and studied interior decorating and photography. He moved to Australia in 1980 settling in Beechworth Victoria and started woodworking there in 1984. Since 2000 Jacques has worked from his workshop in Wedderburn Victoria producing his exceptionally decorative boxes in many diverse shapes predominantly based in the art deco and constructionist styles.

Art Deco Boxes

Lidded boxes by Jacques Vanlindt in various geometric shapes featuring inlaid lids inspired by the Art Deco and Constructivist design genres.

Various timbers.

Hexagonal Box        65 x 76 x 40mm       $70
Long Box                190 x 70 x 45mm     $88
Big Box                   170 x 95 x 45mm    $155
Ring Box                 55 x 55 x 40mm       $55
Medium Small Box  75 x 65 x 40mm        $70
Medium Box           100 x 75 x 45mm      $75

Various sizes

Timber Earrings

Various sizes
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