Gez Norman

Gez became an apprentice Engineer’s Pattern Maker in the foundry industry in England on leaving school. In 1967, six months after completing the apprenticeship, he and his wife migrated to Australia, first settling in Sydney and then in the beautiful Kangaroo Valley in New South Wales

He established a tree lopping business in the region often milling and air-drying the felled timber for personal use finding it surprising that the majority of timber was unwanted. He salvaged as much as he could, saving if from the “bulldozer and match” method of disposal.

Most of the trees lopped or felled came from private properties, and during the milling process he often discovered the occasional horseshoe, nail, bit of barbed wire and even bricks embedded in the timber.  This did not deter him as he prided himself on seeing potential in the salvaged timber. He began using it to make furniture and children’s toys and renovating his farmhouse.

In recent years he has become more involved in fine woodwork, selling to a select group of galleries.

In 2001 he relocated to 240 acres in the Southern Tablelands of NSW, taking with him over 24 tons of milled timber, ready for the next chapter in life: farmer and fine woodworker.

The majority of timbers used in Gez’s work, both past and present, have come from this salvaged timber.

Tambour Box

21w x 14d x 12h cm
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