Evan Dunstone

Evan Dunstone specialises in the use of our wonderful native timbers. Many of the techniques and approaches to the craft which so dominate furniture making were developed in Europe and are not always appropriate for Australian natives. Evan enjoys the challenge of designing for our "difficult" woods by questioning every aspect of the process in order to accommodate all their strengths and weaknesses.

Bungendore Wood Works Gallery owner and artistic director David MacLaren taught Evan as much about approaching the difficulties of design as he did about technique. He instilled inEvan the importance of a quality finish which has been a guiding principle in all Evan's work. Evan came to realise that to achieve an un-compromised finish the designer/maker must have clarity of intent at all stages of the process.

Evan has been exploring his own designs and developing a distinct personal style. He has a special interest in chair design and has put much effort into the development of chairs that take advantage of some of the unusual properties of our native timbers. Awarded a Churchill Fellowship to study contemporary chair design and manufacture in England and the USA Evan found the Fellowship as his passport to a greater understanding of the craft and a deeper appreciation of design.

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