Eugene Zacharewicz

Born in France, Eugene arrived in Australia when he was 4 years old with his family. His father was an artist who came to Australia to work on the Snowy River Scheme. His family is originally from Listonia where his grandfather was private cabinetmaker to the Czar of Russia.

While he was an apprentice with two German masters in Fyshwick, Eugene was taught all the skills of German craftsmanship. He worked as an antique restorer and furniture maker for 37 years. During this time he collected some unusual timbers, some of which are no longer available as the timber is protected. He used to travel all over Australia to source timber including W.A. the Simpson Desert and Tasmania. He set up a studio in his home in Queanbeyan, NSW and started making his wonderful boxes only four years ago.

His unique signature is a cross section of a gumnut; inlaid into the corners of boxes and on his vases. The gumnuts represent the Southern Cross. He picks the gumnuts when they are green and has made a small guillotine to cut very fine cross sections thar are then dried on racks. They are glued in resin and oxidise red as they dry.

His pieces are now sought by collectors both in Australia and abroad.

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