David Herring

David Herring’s passion for design and in particular furniture design stems from memories of furniture made by his grandfather who took inspiration from the Californian Bungalow styles illustrated in imported American magazines of the 1920s and 30s from his love of the Australian bush the environment and native timbers and a background in photography which developed his sense of composition and love of graphic lined imaging and hard edge styles.

After completing studies in Industrial Design and Visual Arts at Sydney College of the Arts he travelled and worked in the boating industry for many years developing an appreciation for intricate work with exotic timbers and the fine finishes achieved. Creating fine furniture was a natural progression. David’s work has found favour with those who desire furniture outside the mainstream and who require a distinctive stylish piece individually tailored to their requirements.

Among his clients have been those requiring just one particular piece for their home those who commission him to create a theme to carry through an entire home interior designers and corporate clients requiring a boardroom suite or dining setting.

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