Makers and Artists

The Gallery represents over 200 Makers and Visual Artists. Most makers also accept commissions. Contact us with enquiries on commissions or work from a particular maker.

The following makers and artists regularly contribute work to the Gallery for exhibition and sale.

Ken Knight

Ken Knight is a remarkable artist and a prolific award winner in traditional realist art circles who has been capturing the unique landscape of Australia for over 25 years following his first solo exhibition in 1979. Painting in the tradition of his mentors, the great impressionists of the 1890s and the tonal painters of the inter-war period he spends his creative time in the open “All the paintings have been painted on location. It’s standing before the subject and responding to it that enables an impressionist artist to do his thing best.”

Knight is a modern impressionist whose...

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Ken Martin

In 1975 Ken Martin was driven by aspirations of expressing life energies through sculpture, wood seemed the logical choice of medium, itself a living thing. Early in his career he joined forces with two other young men to form Constantia Furniture in what was to become an intense and prolific period, creating handcrafted furniture. During this time (1977-86) he specialised in wood carving and wood sculpture his respect for the medium (wood) and its place within world cultures, historically and now was greatly enhanced.

A significant study of the history of furniture woodcarving and...

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Ken Taber

Ken Taber was born in Richmond NSW in 1942. He is a self-taught artist who paints in both acrylics and oils. His preferred subjects are usually water scenes, misty swamps, tidal backwaters, beach scenes and his later work, semi-abstract acrylics of water birds in their environment.

Ken has now been painting for thirty-two years and has had many solo and joint exhibitions. His paintings are hung in collections both in Australia and around the world.

He now resides on the NSW south coast near Batemans Bay. His house and studio is situated on a five-acre block amidst a sub...

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Kevin Rayner

Kevin Rayner was born on the West Coast of Tasmania in 1942 .His forebears were pioneers in the district where they were involved in the harvesting of minor species timber including Huon Pine. Like many they were extremely resourcefull people who were able to make fix repair and succeed in in what they did with a minimum of equipment and funds. These qualities are evident in what Kevin does. As a child he had plenty of timber and access to tools where he fashioned boats billycarts toys and simple furniture Kevin was educated at the University of Tasmania and commenced a career in teaching...

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Lindsay Dunn

When he was a child Lindsay Dunn wanted to be a carpenter, but didn’t have the chance. He became a fitter and turner and started woodturning for the lifestyle and so he could work for himself. There are no regulations saying what he has to do or not do. I have freedom and an income.

He says he was born with the urge to continually create. He sometimes wishes he could pull back from the divine urge to turn, but still loves to do the unusual pieces that usually do not sell. He was influenced by Ellsworth and loves to do hollow turning. He hibernates and...

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Manfred Riehl

Manfred was born in Bavaria in Southern Germany and settled in East Gippsland in 1982 where he built mud brick houses with post and beam construction methods. An enjoyment of fine furniture led to his enrolment and graduation from the Wood Design Course at East Gippsland TAFE and he decided to take the hard road along the career path of a furniture designer/maker.

Persevering with the difficulties of working with Red Gum and professing a love of traditional furniture Manfred re-interprets traditionalism’s key aspects and produces contemporary designs with attention to balance...

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Mark Lenny

Mark is a designer/maker in wood making furniture and other articles. This is a second career for him. After spending 26 years as a chemical engineer in the corporate world retrenchment was the catalyst to explore new avenues which led to a year’s full time study at the Sturt School for Wood in 1999 and the awakening of a dormant creativity. Since then he has continued to create items from wood initially part time but lately full time. Mark has developed a unique style and innovative techniques of manufacture to create objects which are truly beautiful and soundly constructed. One system...

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Mary Taguchi

With long academic involvement in Japanese language teaching methodology since 1970 and researching the history and function of indigo-dyed cotton textiles for many years Mary Taguchi has discovered a strong sense of form and function in both language and textiles. She works with Japanese mingei craftsmen and has been instrumental in encouraging weavers towards a revival of old cloths and patterns. The tradition of dyeing with indigo is centuries old and continues today. The dye from the indigo leaves makes the beautiful blues of the rustic country cotton textiles used for clothing and...

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Matthew Ablitt

Matthew Ablitt is a young printmaker who has recently made Australia his permanent home. He gained his Fine Arts honours degree in London, UK and in 1998 won two prizes in the London National Print Exhibition. He has exhibited in Darwin, Melbourne, Sydney and the UK and completed numerous residency programs in the UK and Darwin. Matthew is currently printing for the prestigious Griffith Studios in Sydney and teaching.

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Matthew Harding

Matthew Harding was born in Sydney in 1964. Initially trained in carpentry and joinery, he went on to study art at Hamilton TAFE and later at the National Institute of the Arts, Canberra, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Visual Arts (Honours) in 1995. In 1998 he was awarded a Churchill Fellowship to study figurative sculpture in Western Europe. More recently he was a recipient of a prestigious 2003 ACT Creative Arts Fellowship.

Over the past two decades Harding has been selected for numerous group exhibitions, including the Helen Lempriere National Sculpture Award in 2003, the...

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Max Clerteau

Max Clerteau became interested in Marquetry soon after he immigrated to Australia from France in 1999. His interest in Marquetry was at first a hobby but soon became more serious and he returned to France to study Advanced Marquetry in Paris. As a member of Sydney’s Marquetry Club he has expanded his skills experimenting with a variety of mediums and cutting techniques. He is a toolmaker by trade working in the precision engineering field using CNC milling machines lathes and various specialised engineering equipment. Manufacturing components for the health telecommunication and...

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Maynard Waters

Maynard Waters was born in Sydney, NSW in 1936 and learned the carpentry trade working with his father. His work took him town to town and country to country where he met characters and saw places which he painted for relaxation and personal pleasure rather that doing art for art’s sake.

It was in Canberra that he was first persuaded to send some of his work to an occasional gallery. They quickly sold and by 1967 he was making a good living from painting and today his work is featured in public and private galleries both in Australia and overseas.

Maynard is in a large group...

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Michael Cox

Michael Cox has always had an interest in design and aesthetics whether it is woodwork photography art architecture particularly in the natural environment. In the early 70’s his family moved to the NSW south coast for a few years where his Grandfather lived. His grandfather was an accomplished landscape artist and Michael and his brothers and would often tag along to his favourite haunts on the south coast and hinterland while he painted so it is possibly this influence that fostered his appreciation of the natural environment.

After building swimming pools Michael had the...

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Michael Koren

Michael Koren's creative journey began in the realm of sculpture and a move to Far North Queensland combined with an over abundant supply of naturally fallen and waste timbers gave him direction. His work has ranged from the functional bowl to completely unusable organic forms. These then morphed into spoons as his medium of expression.

His early spoons were derived from his obsession with shapes curves and a physical and sensual rapport with wood. His first works were impossible to use with twisted handles and misplaced bowls then turning to more normal spoon shapes that pleased...

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Michael Retter

Dorset born, Michael Retter began experimenting with marquetry in the 1950s whilst at sea as a marine engineer. Twenty years later, his interest was rekindled. In his spare time over the next ten years Michael revised his self-taught book methods, developing new techniques and refining his art whilst making wall panels and portraits for exhibitions and private commissions. In 1986 Michael was commissioned to make 80 marquetry panels equivalent to 65sq. metres for the new Australian Parliament House, mainly featuring Australian flora. Since retirement in 1991, his part-time interest has...

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Myles Gostelow

Myles is passionate about creating functional pieces of art for any environment. He designs and crafts pieces for a wide range of clients including commissions for private corporate government and ecclesiastical clients. Myles prides himself on hand-selecting only the finest timbers and materials for each piece and his broad range of skills (including carving blacksmithing and upholstering) means that all parts of the designing and making are handled exclusively by him.

Myles grew up on a remote cattle station in far north Queensland and he attributes his passion for creating and...

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Nathan Day

Nathan comes from a trade background in furniture making where he completed a Certificate III in Furniture Making (Cabinetmaking) at the South West Regional College of TAFE in Bunbury in 2001. He completed the 3-year course in just two years by doing his stage 2 and stage 3 workload simultaneously and won the college's Cabinetmaking Apprentice award in 2001. Nathan completed a 4-year apprenticeship with John Streater Fine Furniture in Yallingup. John is a well-respected and internationally renowned local craftsman and the chance to learn the skills of furniture making in such an...

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Nathan Ransley

Nathan Ransley Wooden jewellery boxes are handcrafted from Australian hardwood timbers in a variety of styles and sizes. Many of the species used are sourced from the outback and are non-commercial timbers and as such are not often widely available. Each piece is crafted to best show the figure and colour of these unusual woods.

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Neil Erasmus

For over thirty years, Neil and Pam Erasmus have been designing, making, teaching and writing about Fine Furniture. Erasmus designs grace the homes and public spaces of discerning collectors across Australia and the world. Neil is a regular, contributing editor for the Australian Wood Review magazine, and was senior lecturer at the Australian School of Fine Wood. He also teaches at the prestigious, Center for Furniture Craftsmanship in the USA. Neil and Pam have won numerous awards for their contemporary designs, the most recent being Studio Furniture 2010 at Bungendore Wood Works Gallery...

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Neil Scobie

Neil began his woodworking career by training as an Industrial Arts teacher in the early 1970s. Resigning from teaching in 1983 he turned to woodworking as a full time occupation. The focus of Neil's work has changed from predominantly woodturning to a concentration on custom-made furniture.

Working with his artist wife Liz Neil produced a range of painted platters that have been successfully marketed in Australia and the United States. Now most of his time is spent designing and making furniture for private clients and select galleries. "I really enjoy the relationships that are...

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Neil Turner

Woodturner Neil Turner is a woodturner living in a small country town in the wheat belt of Western Australia 200 kms east of Perth. From a small studio on his farm he produces a range of artistic and sculptural pieces as well as natural edge bowls. He uses a range of local timbers rock she-oak yorkgum red morel rib fruited mallee burl and sandalwood sourcing other woods jarrah olive forest sheoak and other exotics fromvarious timber merchants.

Most of his artistic pieces have spent some portion of time on the lathe and from there the designs evolve according to grain pattern and...

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Nick Statham

Nick studied Landscape Architecture before studying at Sturt in 1999. He has since collaborated on design projects nationally and internationally and has exhibited in group and solo exhibitions since 2003 whilst also working as a regular tutor at the Sturt School for Wood. Broad industry experience with Stuart pianos and work as a ships carpenter has shaped his practice. Currently his work, predominantly in wood, is characterised by the spare use of material processed with maximum efficiency to produce natural and geometric forms.

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Pamela Griffith

Painter Pamela Griffith is a well-known and popular Australian artist. She trained in Sydney and taught at colleges and secondary schools before setting up her own workshop in 1974. Her talent is multifaceted with a broad approach to both subject matter and art medium.

Pamela's subject matter ranges through portraiture drawings landscape and still life. Above all her art reflects a love for the history landscape flora and fauna of Australia. While many of her larger works are in oil she has endeavoured to revive watercolour as an art form. A large proportion of her work utilises the...

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Paul Dimmer

Born in Sydney Australia in 1946 Paul is a self taught sculptor starting at the age of 10 he carved his own toys. He continued to carve various subjects on a regular basis during his career as a Radio Technician with the RAAF and Telstra. Painting and Drawing began in the mid 1980s on a Part- time basis. Paul has won several prizes for Painting Drawing & Sculpture in the Canberra / South East Region. Taking the plunge in 1998 Paul resigned from Telstra and is now working as a full-time Artist/Sculptor from his Studio & Workshop near Batemans Bay. He exhibits his work in several...

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Paul Tiernan

Paul is a well-known woodturner and has participated in a variety of group and special event exhibitions during his career. In 1993 Paul moved to Northern NSW a beautiful part of Australia famous for its timbers and its artists. From his earliest days Paul's professionalism has been reflected in the quality of his work and his presentation of background information for Exhibitions.

Photographs of his work appear regularly the Australian Woodworker and Craft Arts International He is frequently called on for media interviews to publicise exhibitions and events.His work is presented in...

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Per Brandstedt

Per Brandstedt is a native of Mariestad Sweded and his path into the world of wood crafts started in the early 1970s. While working with a retired carpenter/builder who did repair work and additions he was fascinated by the building techniques used in traditional Scandinavian wood architecture. He reconsidered his physics major at Chalmers University in Gothenburg Sweden and instead started to search for ways to make a living using wood crafts. His original fascination with traditional wood crafts techniques and workmanship is still evident in his work although his own technique has been...

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Peter Farkas

Peter Farkas has been turning wood since 2003 sourcing most of his timber locally and doing all of the preparation himself. He often embellishes his pieces with pyrography texturing carving inlaying paint and gold or copper leafing. He turns bowls vases closed forms hollow forms and platters. All pieces undergo a careful finishing process using high quality selected oils or lacquer. "Wood is a wonderful medium with fascinating textures colours and a lovely natural warm feel. It is a challenge for the wood-worker to bring out these features in the piece that is being created."

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Peter Storey

Peter's works have been influenced by the rural natural places he has lived in or visited. All landscape inspired the geomorphology of Australia is his passion and the main source of inspiration for his art. Ideas of planet earths formation inform works that are resolved by a combination of improvised processes the medium and independent creative thought.

Peter is an ex industrial designer who specialised in exhibition design and the graphics associated with these. Painting commenced as a hobby after his young family arrived. His interest became obsessive but he lacked confidence to...

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Phil Clarke

Phil Clarke is a country boy with a love for the bush and the wood that comes from it. He spent his formative years in the central west of New Sooth Wales before moving to the Riverina region as a young adult. His work as a teacher and school principal saw him located in various towns across the Riverena and he is now settled in Griffith.

Growing up in Mudgee, Phil commenced his love affair with wood constructing model aeroplanes and miniature yachts to race against his brothers on the local dam. Disappointed but undaunted by missing out on a place in the woodworking class at school...

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Ray Garnsey

Making items from wood is part of Ray's earliest memories growing up in Albury NSW in the 50’s. If he wanted a toy he would make it from wood with the help of his father. The passion continued at high school in Sydney in the 60’s with a little formal education and the added pleasure of technical drawing knowledge. His family moved to Fiji in the late 60’s and his first full time paid job was in a factory specialising in local timber furniture for the quickly expanding resort and tourism market. This dream was quickly followed by two years as a trainee manager in a major timber yard...

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Raymond McLaren

Raymond trained in engineering at Stewarts and Lloyds in Newcastle in the 1950’s. This included the arts of precision machining of metals. Wood work always fascinated him (even making gun stocks while in high school) and with increasing access to high tech machine tools for his engineering business it was only natural to combine the magic of these machines to the wonderful dense hard woods of inland Australia.

Applying modern German milling machines to these dense woods has enabled him to carry out precision removal of wood leaving only 4mm on all panels of the boxes. Although the...

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Rene and Hannelore Waldvogel

Rene and Hannelore Waldvogel emigrated from Switzerland to New Zealand in 1973 and became professional toymakrs for over 20 years. They shifted to Western Australia in 1999 turning their talents to unctional woodwork. Rene's background as an aircraft engineer and toolmaker are reflected today in the design and craftsmanship of his work.

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