Two of a Mind Exhibition and Partners in Time Concert

Some Lovely Feedback from the Two of a Mind Exhibiton and Partners in Time Concert evening on Saturday 18th July


Just a quick line to thank you very, very much for such an enjoyable experience. There we were, my wife and I looking at one of Don Burrows pictures (twin swans) when I heard over my right shoulder, Don's voice explaining how he waited in the hope of gaining such a shot and he was suitably rewarded as were we the viewing audience. Don and I then discussed our respective initial photograhic experiences with box brownies and actually using chemicals in development tanks to obtain final grainy prints. He stated he missed the days of 'hands on' with chemicals compared with today's computer processing and special effects.

To add that my wife and I met at ' Clean Living Clives' at Phillip where Don and George often played; this was simply icing on the musical cake. We also purchased three of Jason's black and white creations and this together with the concert, wonderful food and excellent service just capped off two weeks of the first holiday my wife and I had experienced 'sans enfants'. We are talking decades, so well done.

Thanks to your gallery, staff, friends of the gallery and the artists for such a unique and memorable night. I feel that we witnessed at the concert, musicians at the peak of their craft and combined in such a way that we probably will not see and hear another such combo in the medium to long term.

David and Tora Bennett

Thursday 16 April 2009