Sons of Beaches with Grace

The Boat Launch acrylic 90 x 100cm
The Boat Launch acrylic 90 x 100cm
  • The Boat Launch acrylic 90 x 100cm
  • Ken Taber Waterfall acrylic 70 x 60cm
  • Maynard Waters Facing North oil 70 x 94cm
  • Maynard Waters Yabbies for Lunch, oil 32 x 62cm
  • John Sharman Rain on Hay Plain oil 39 x 60cm
  • John Sharman Frontal Dune Tomakin oil 38 x 59cm
  • Grace Paleg Earthscape Eagle pastel 100 x 135cm
  • Grace Paleg Glass and Gum pastel 125 x 100cm
  • Ian Lakey Lilli Pilli Sunrise acrylic 100 x 115cm
  • Ian Lakey Receding Waters acrylic 70 x 60cm

14 August - 27 September, 2010

Five Artists from the NSW South Coast
Ken Taber, Maynard Waters, John Sharman, Grace Paleg and Ian Lakey.


The NSW South Coast is a unique, almost undiscovered, and thankfully underdeveloped part of the Australian coast. This, despite bordering Australia’s biggest city, Sydney, and hosting the continents's ninth largest urban area, Wollongong. This area is a haven for the sensitive painter, author, poet, musician, surfer or environmentalist. People like artists Ken Taber, Maynard Waters, John Sharman, Grace Paleg and Ian Lakey, all residents of this fragile coastal region, reduce this natural beauty to their two-dimensional canvas, board and paper for this exhibition.

Ken Taber

Ken Taber is a self-taught artist who works in acrylics and oils, painting impressionistic landscapes and seascapes. He started painting seriously in 1968 and his early years were spent living on the water’s edges around Pittwater on Sydney Harbour. Ken has developed unique misty and romantic scenes, usually depicting lonely beaches or swamps, and readily acknowledges the influence of Turner, Monet and the early Australian Impressionists. He lives and works from his Garden Studios near Mogo on the NSW South Coast where the natural surroundings provide inspiration for his romantic morning beach scenes and misty backwater impressions.

Maynard Waters'

Maynard Waters' paintings have simple sketched beginnings that evolve into colourful, complex and technically effective blends of fantasy and reality, all wrapped in his unique and original takes on the Australian landscape and society for over fifty years. Maynard works quickly on the canvas. Much time is given to pre-planning and innovative thinking, starting with a comprehensive oil sketch, he builds up the basic surface with paint, generally unmixed straight from the tube using very fine brush-work. He aims for warmth and fluid colour and presents glimpses of nostalgia, humour and, at times satire and considers the honesty of children as the best criticism of his works.

John Sharman

John Sharman turned to full time professional art practice in 1980 after coming to grips with the dark wash technique and achieving considerable success with his work. He became part of a group of artists that included Robert Simpson, Doug, Casey and Ritchie Sealy, Robert Wilson and Warwick Fuller and holds fond memories of many painting adventures with those artists. Painting in a realist manner on the edge of impressionism, John strives to make every element an equally important part of the finished work. He is particularly satisfied when it ‘all comes together,’ and even more so when a viewer of his work remarks on that togetherness. His prolific success in Regional Art Awards finds his work in many municipal, corporate and private collections in Australia and internationally.

Grace Paleg

Grace Paleg first studied Graphic Design at Swinburne and Drawing at East Sydney Technical College and is an artist who has achieved distinction through the medium of pastel. She studied with the late Leslie Sinclair and David Moore at Montsalvatt and the late Alan Martin at his studio in Eltham. Her subject matters include portraiture, still life, landscapes and life drawings which have won her in excess of 160 awards including 6 Best Pastel awards at the Herald Sun Camberwell Rotary Show. She continues to teach and work from her Studio Gallery at Surf Beach near Batemans Bay on the South Coast.

Ian Lakey

Ian Lakey was born in Maryborough Victoria in 1950. He is a self taught artist who has been painting for most of his adult life. Ian has lived and painted in Victoria, Canberra and the New South Wales South Coast returning in 2008 to resume his painting career. Ian’s early paintings were produced predominantly as oils. He now prefers acrylics as his medium of choice and is continually inspired by his impressions and the colours of the diverse Australian landscape that surround him near his home based studio at Lilli Pilli near Bateman’s Bay.


Thursday 17 June 2010