Robert Billington

A Photograph is Missing

“Am I missing something …
I went over the photographs, slowly, once more. Again, nothing. Not a trace. As if it never happened. Is memory evidence enough? I want proof.”

Robert Billington, along with words by author/playwright Tim Gooding, will take you on an amazing journey of discovery. Robert, through his black & white photographs, shows us what you can discover if you slow down and open your eyes a little wider. Tim’s evocative words not only compliment the photographs they will take you on a journey … you may even find what you have been missing.

Special Event: ARTIST TALK - Saturday 30th August from 2.30 to 3.30 - Robert Billington and Tim Gooding will discuss the rationale behind the combination of photography and story telling as the basis for this intriguing exhibition.

An exhibition of the VIVID National Photography Festival

Monday 31 March 2008