Masters of Craft

  • Sapele, Mahogany Table, Geoff Hannah
  • “Cunji” Dining Suite, Tony Kenway
  • Dove Table, Scott Mitchell
  • Zebrano Box, Geoff Hannah
  • Yew Table, Geoff Hannah
  • Rocker, Tony Kenway
  • Bench Seat, Scott Mitchell

Geoff Hannah, Tony Kenway & Scott Mitchell
Masters of Craft presents the work of three exceptional woodworkers considered to be among the best in the world and at the peak of their creative careers. 

Saturday 26 January, 2013  (Australia Day)
Exhibition commences, continuing until 30 April

Saturday 23 March, 2013 
Exhibition opening and offical launch of Bungendore Wood Works Gallery’s 30th year celebrations

Masters of Craft pays due honour to three of Australia’s finest furniture designer/makers, Geoff Hannah, Tony Kenway and Scott Mitchell. Between them they share nearly a century of woodworking involvement, development and practice. Geoff makes possibly the world’s finest multi-faceted cabinets culminating in his masterpiece The Hannah Cabinet, combining marquetry and precious stone with ingenious construction and finish. Tony‘s devotion to the wood species of his North East NSW subtropical home is spectacularly evident in his incredibly finely handcrafted organic-design inspired tables, chairs and specific commissioned projects, winning a number of international chair shows judged by the world’s best. Scott straddles the disciplines of finely executed commissioned and product-line furniture, while also designing and crafting substantial corporate, government institution and private building fit-outs in the ACT. 

These “masters of their craft” provide a stunning opening to Bungendore Wood Works Gallery’s 30th Year of exhibiting and retailing Australian Craft and Fine Art. This exhibition and its individual works will grace the Gallery with a palpable definition of the Gallery’s continued commitment to offering its space to encourage fine artisans and artists to display their works, skills and ideas.

Geoff Hannah

Born in 1948 in the Northern Rivers Region of NSW, Geoff Hannah studied as an apprentice cabinet maker from the age of 15 before starting his own business in 1973. Awarded a Churchill Fellowship in 1980, Geoff travelled to England and France to study furniture from the period 1635-1850. Time spent in the workshops of the Victoria and Albert Museum, London, and the Palace of Versailles, France, were particular highlights of his study tour, as were his special privileges and after hours visits in the Louvre, Paris. 

In 2009 Geoff was made an Honorary Fellow of Southern Cross University. The Hannah Cabinet is Geoff’s masterpiece and was made over a six year period using 34 different Australian and international timbers, 4 species of shell and 17 varieties of precious stone with extensive marquetry inlays on 18 doors and on, and in, 140 drawers. 

Tony Kenway

Tony Kenway is committed to making collectable pieces of furniture from the finest timbers available. As a prominent Australian designer, Tony has developed a unique range of furniture, drawing inspiration from simple and elegant forms found in the marine and coastal environment where he lives. 

His knowledge and appreciation of Australia’s rare timbers have enabled him to create exquisite furniture of the highest calibre. This, together with a traditional background in cabinet making and boat building, has led to international recognition for his designs and craftsmanship. His furniture has won international design awards and art prizes including the ‘Best Chair’ award in 2003, and again in 2006, at the Philadelphia Furniture Show.

Scott Mitchell

Scott Mitchell is all about fine contemporary furniture. He is a passionate artist who makes furniture and products with function, practicality and art in mind. He is a shining example of the success of the inclusion of woodworking in fine art training institutions. 

Growing up in the timber-rich Tweed River Valley he eventually found the ANU School of Art. The School had chosen one of the world’s great woodworkers and educators, the late George Ingham to lead the way. Wood is now an accepted medium in art schools throughout Australia and one of the valuable lessons embraced by Scott, is the ability to think outside the square, to keep pushing and refining the envelope in the fields of design and best practice on the workbench. This thought process allows Scott to seek out new technologies, something that he embraces eagerly, uses in his design and work ethos, and recognizes as the way of his future.

Wednesday 09 January 2013