Judy and Chris Wilford - Remembered Places

  • The Seed Eaters - Diamond Finches
  • A Whisper of Grasses
  • Button Grass Flat
  • New Growth on the Escarpment
  • On Alert - White-browed Scrub Wren
  • Lichen

November 22 – January 20, 2009

Remembered Places

Embroidery and Woodwork

Opened Saturday November 22 at 11am
by Sarah Tucker MA (Textiles)

Judy Wilford works in a realistic, impressionistic manner gaining inspiration entirely from the landscapes of the regions she has visited and lived in. She references the natural world in its many and varied aspects; from the wide scale landscape to the intimacy of the habitats of birds and small animals, and in recent times the small and minute elements of the land, such as lichen and mosses.

Judy has worked and experimented in the various mediums and techniques of drawing, painting, clay, design and printing. However it is the flexibility and technical variety inherent in textiles, and in particular hand embroidery, that has continued to fascinate her.

Many of the techniques she uses have been adapted from traditional forms to suit her needs. She has never worked at embroidery in a traditional manner and uses a mixture of techniques such as, dying, painting and mono-printing of background fabrics, combined with fabric layering, painted and cut elements with manipulation techniques and layered surface stitching. Judy uses fabric in much the same way a painter uses washes to lay in a background.

Trees. mountains and grass lines may be different layers of fabric either cut to the required profile, or shape, or torn and frayed for specific effects. Up to sixteen layers may be superimposed to form the background then a silk organza layer is placed over the completed background and the stitching begins. Using simple stitches Judy combines layered fabrics and layered stitches to give the work a sense of depth, distance and play of light that is inherent in all low-relief work. She continues to make subtle changes and finds new and different ways of interpreting her environment.

As well as designing and stitching for commission and exhibition she regularly teaches her techniques. Having lived and worked in isolation for most of her life, this gives an opportunity to travel and broaden her landscape experience, greatly enhancing her work and her life.

For many years she supplied galleries on in Australia’s eastern states and in New York, but now concentrates on private commissions and exhibition work for Bungendore Woodworks Gallery. She finds this a more satisfying way to work and allows for experimentation, further research and moves into different but related areas of embroidery and textiles.

For Judy Wilford the land remains as the one constant inspiration and influence, from its wide scale aspects to its intimate habitats; from the small, the minute and the infinite patterns of nature; from the day to day and the season to season changes.

Stan d’Argeavel M.A.
Exhibitions Coordinator

Selected Catalogue of Works - all items, Hand Embroidery in hand-made Australian timber frames or boxes

For a complete listing of pieces still available for purchase please contact the Gallery on 02 6238 1682 orgallery@bwoodworks.com.au

Thursday 26 March 2009