Directors Choice Encore

7 July – 8 August 2012

Selected by Bungendore Wood Works Gallery Artistic Director David Mac Laren, the Director’s Choice Exhibition features work from five artists that are significant to the history and future of the Gallery.

Join us to meet the artists on Saturday 7th July from 1pm.

View the Exhibition Catalogue.

JIM BIRKETT ives on the NSW South Coast and is the education officer for the Arthur and Yvonne Boyd Education Centre, Bundanon Trust. He explores the landforms of islands, headlands, and bays, examining their structures, and playing with the relationships between the landscape elements and the ocean by simultaneously juxtaposing their vastness and minute detail. Jim manipulates scale and viewpoint, challenging the viewer to explore multi perspective concepts and horizons, incorporating geometric devices such as periscopes, cameras, telescopes and surveyors’ apparatus. This exhibition includes recent drawings that are more abstract than his metaphorically constructed landscapes and several images impose the ancient Xanthorrhoea (Grass Tree) on the landscape.

GLENDA BORCHARD has a strong affiliation and emotional connection with the coast and the natural and social landsacpes Through an exploration of colour she presents a romantic and sensory experience to the viewer through the use of symbolism and metaphors as a visual narrative. The familiar objects and natural representation become memory triggers. Although abstracted through a naïve and stylized painting genre, there remains a tension between surrealism and abstraction with organic shapes reflecting the notion of social activity, investigating concepts of collective and personal histories.

HELEN FITZGERALD is an experienced artist and teacher with degrees in Applied Science and Art Education and has studied overseas at the University of Vienna and the University of Perugia in Italy. Helen was accepted for the Wynne Prize exhibition in Sydney when she was only nineteen. Helen offers refreshingly new aspects of the landscape and exquisitely detailed and beautifully seen botanical representations of flora and fauna. She holds a Gold Medal from the Royal Horticultural Society and recognition by the Society of Floral Painters both in the UK, and is a long time member of the American Society of Botanical artists.

SIMON HOOPER studied graphic design at the Brisbane College of Art in the early ‘70’s, and has 35 years experience in the building industry, renovating houses in Sydney, Canberra and Brisbane.

His passion for wood was born on the Atherton Tablelands in the rainforests of northern Queensland when he was 20 years old. While working as a sleeper cutter for a brief time he imagined a far better use for this beautiful resource and started making furniture to sell locally.

A graduate of the prestigious Canberra Institute of Art wood school in 1989, Simon studied under iconic British master furniture maker George Ingham. It was here that his traditional craftsmanship, modern cabinet making techniques and design abilities evolved.
Design cues are drawn from the Art Deco movement, from British and Australian designers as well as traditional Oriental furniture. Simon specialises in veneering which allows for the more sustainable use of exotic timbers. Gold, silver and mother of pearl are used to craft exquisite jewellery boxes, with intricate marquetry and detailed inlays used in cabinets, chairs, trays and tables. The finishing is done by Simon’s sister and brother in law, both experienced French polishers.

IAN LAKEY was born in Maryborough Victoria in 1950. He is a self-taught artist who has been painting for most of his adult life. Ian has lived and painted in Victoria, Canberra and the New South Wales South Coast returning in 2008 to resume his painting career. Ian’s early paintings were produced predominantly as oils. He now prefers acrylics as his medium of choice and is continually inspired by his impressions and the colours of the diverse Australian landscape that surround him near his home based studio at Lilli Pilli near Bateman’s Bay.

Monday 25 June 2012